5 Mistakes Startups Make When Building for Mobile

Are you having a fantastic idea for your business, then you’d probably considered bringing it to life by building a mobile app. It’s not a bad idea !! At the moment, mobile apps are extremely popular as they are becoming a flagstone for all kinds of new and exciting business ideas.

Startups, being disruptive in nature, often attempt to try something completely new !! Everything becomes a try-test-and-move-on process as no one’s prepared for startups. So when it comes to mobile app development teams of Sacramento most startups end up wasting time, money and other necessary resources that they are desperately struggling to minimize.


But you need not worry. Here you will find five useful tips that will help any business or startup tread the rocky path of mobile app development in Sacramento.

  • Building mobile app internally: Most startups have their own group of developers who take care of their design and development needs. So it’s much easier for businesses to have their team to have that one amazing mobile app as well as owning the resource crunch. Moreover, the capabilities of Javascript, HTML or CSS are also never enough. So unless you don’t have dedicated teams just for mobile app development Sacramento you will never have a five-star app for your business.
  • Not building app natively: Most startups have a notion that they will save a lot of time and money by building cross-platform apps. Usually, a cross-platform apps code once and it is pushed to all users across different devices and platforms at the same time. But businesses usually forget that they waste a lot of time and effort while creating cross-platform apps. The reality is to build a native app that is suitable for different platforms in order to beat the competition. So if you want to enhance your mobile app development, team Sacramento will help build your five-star app Natively. Period !!
  • Having bloated features: Take for example, you’re trying to build a recommendation app for hotels travel, food, banquet halls, etc all in one. But do you think all the variables for the recommendation mobile app were added in the first launch? That’s just not the case ! Startups often make this mistake during mobile app development. Adding too many features or categories usually bug mobile app users. The idea is to initially get the signatures features across and then eventually add more features to it.
  • Barring Analytics: Being the most important aspect of your business, still many startups ignore focus on analytics while designing mobile application. This is important as you can get insights on the initial tractions, user behavior and reaction. And thus, metrics like user retention, app crashes, daily active users are important at all time to measure and track mobile apps. Mobile app development Sacramento will help you generate the right kind of analytics for better app performance.
  • Overlooking backend infrastructure: Startups are often thrilled and driven by innovative ideas, but what they majorly ignore is the implementation. If there isn’t any correct API design and implementation, even a greatly build mobile application will fall flat. Startups usually differ on the nature of the application and the audience they are serving. These are not fundamental mistakes but if you choose the right mobile app development Sacramento team, you are bound to avoid the most common mistakes of all.

With so many misconceptions surrounding mobile app development Sacramento, it’s not at all surprising to see many startups lose their way in wasting valuable time and money, which they really can’t afford. These misunderstandings roll out to be a thin line between success and failure. And so, startups should definitely not be a victim of these common mistakes and understand the reality lying behind each one of them.

Busting all these mistakes depends on finding the right partner. You definitely want someone who gets you, gets your app, and is just as interested in your success as their own. So get in touch with Innofied (, the perfect partner for you who can not just make your mobile strategy but your entire business.

Moumita Dasgupta

Content Marketing Expert at Innofied has a strong interest in growth hacking. Moumita is having 6 years of industry experience and helps to optimize and promote B2B/B2C businesses with latest content trends. She keeps her circle updated with the latest content feeds from Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook etc. When she is not blogging or digging out content marketing tactics, she is found relaxing with her Kindle over a cup of coffee.