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5 Ways A Mobile App Can Aid Your Logistics Company

“Isn’t there an app for that?”

Yes, there is an app for logistics management. Where there is an idea, there is an app. If you are thinking of building an app to facilitate your company’s logistics process, what’s stopping you? In today’s business environment where everything is done in real-time, you need to create and deploy the app across your organization. Aligning your business with the latest technology in mobile devices will improve the productivity and profitability of your business operations tenfold.

What Type Of Apps Can There Be For Logistics Management?

  • Freight task management app
  • Trip planning app
  • Vehicle inspection app
  • GPS route optimization app
  • Delivery notification app
  • Proof of delivery app
  • Damage report app

Here’s what a logistics management app can do for you:

1 – Speeding Up the Whole Process

A logistics management app gets invoicing done fast. It smoothens the communication between headquarters and logistics team members, it saves fuel costs, and it quickens the arrival of shipments.

2 – Checking Of Vehicles

With Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, vehicle inspection can be performed by simply using an Android Smartphone or tablet. The NFC tag on the vehicle automatically records the location and registration of the vehicle.

NFC is a rapidly-growing technology and an offshoot of radio-frequency identification (RFID). Devices that use NFC could be active or passive. An example of a passive device is an NFC tag, which is placed on the freight vehicle. The device is passive in the sense that it doesn’t do anything except for transmitting the information of the vehicle to authorized devices. And an active device, such as your Android Smartphone, reads the information and sends it to authorized devices.

3 – Smart Order Entry

Through mobile order entry solution, your internal order entry process as well as customer ordering can be simplified. All you need is a Smartphone, tablet or smartwatch.

4 – Minimizing Delivery Errors

The logistics management app can let your headquarters know what the freight vehicle is doing at all times. For example, in case of a food delivery project, scanning the correct barcode can turn an in-app button green. And unloading the wrong package can turn the button red. A feature like this can reduce delivery errors up to 70%.

5 – Giving Real-Time Updates

The app can integrate with any system that your company has in place, even an ERP system. Take the aforementioned food delivery project for instance. All the key people involved in the delivery such as the driver, the back office and the management have the option to record and check the completion of the delivery in real-time, right from their mobile devices. It can also be customized to suit the specific delivery confirmation procedure of your company. The app registers order details, customer signature and company details.

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There’s a lot more that a logistics management app can do. Such as keeping a daily log for drivers to record how many hours they are putting in, reminding you when the maintenance of your freight vehicles are due, and track all the key statistics and show it all through interactive graphs.

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