A Bunch of Gift Ideas for Innofied

It was the Magi’s who started the custom to share gifts on the day of Christmas by gifting the new-born Christ. For centuries, the tradition has passed down and gifts continue to be shared. On Christmas, even a small gift can make you smirk.

At this point, when we plan to share gifts to our loved ones, Innofieders thought a little differently and became the Secret Santa for Innofied instead.

No, they have not dumped the tables with something materialistic. Rather they penned down creative and unique gift ideas that could revamp their company’s brand image and outlook.

Yup! We are distinguishably creative, and these small sticky chits, says it all!



Moumita Dasgupta

Meet the wordsmith of Innofied. She helps to spread the brand name in nooks and corners. For latest news and updates of Innofied stay tuned to her blogs.