Become Pro in Academic Vocabularies

The Awesome Idea

Christina Cavage noticed a lackadaisical attitude towards books. To make English interesting to learn for them, she decided to go the app way. She came up with the idea of AWL - an advanced vocabulary enhancing tool where every word will have syllable divisions, detailed meaning and usage, collocations with examples and pronunciations.

  • Audio-Video support to learn words

  • Feasible search to review words

  • Game-based learning experience

  • Random test and tasks on vocabulary

Features They Felt Difficult

  • What AWL required was a highly interactive UI and customized design, which students feel comfortable and easy to use.
  • Christina wanted her app to work as a single entity to have a complete list of words and their meanings, syllables etc

How We Made It Feasible?

  • We encouraged the user-interactivity with game-based learning concepts and word hunting.
  • We created a study list which users can refer in order to strengthen their grasp on each word learnt. We created the list as she wished through server-side API integration.

Technologies We Chose for AWL

They Were Amazed At the Outcome

Christina Cavage, who has been associated with prestigious institutions and have been helping students of TOEFL and IELTS, received fun-filled appreciation from her students. They loved using the app and as it is launched very recently, so the app has not hit much downloads. But it received wholesome welcome from the current users for its interactivity, without any marketing.

AWL Was Way Too Happy

They didn’t just give me a bottom dollar, but also provided really good insights.

- Christina Cavage (Founder, Bella Lingua)

See in Details How AWL Works

Christina focused on three main features - “Explore”, “Practice” and “Challenge”

Christina Cavage (Founder, Bella Lingua)

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