Parents Found it Perfect for Toddlers

Total Downloads 150,000+

The Amazing App Idea

Barnoparichay, is all about a traditional ‘slate-pencil’ based learning experience with reading, writing and match-making lessons that helps kids familiarise themselves with alphabets and numbers in Bengali, Hindi and English. Idea brainstormed by Innofied's Co-Founder duo, Sandip Saha and Swarnendu De.It had a powerful media coverage and a grand release on March 2015 hitting MILLION downloads in months.

  • 4 different modes of interactive learning and writing

  • Simple, addictive and colourful interface keeps children busy.

  • Touch based Pen tool to draw and outline alphabets & numbers

  • 3 app versions available in - Bengali, Hindi, English

Features We Felt Difficult

  • Generate a smooth interface and an erasable duster element, yet making the user experience as realistic as possible.
  • Memory management was a huge blocker as managing so many images in the app could slow it down or crash. Making the app and destroying the interactivity was a major concern.

How We Made It Feasible?

  • In order to increase performance and smoothness of the slate and chalk interface, we applied core graphics.
  • We tracked the memory leaks using Xcode instruments, rectified them by correctly implementing cycle checks. We also used less-size image for rhymes which also helped us in optimising memory allocation.

Technologies We Chose for Barnoparichay

An Award-Winning Outcome

Barnoparichay had over 150,000 downloads without investing anything in ads or paid reviews during the launch. Later it got featured in EiSamay, YourStory and got a Media Coverage in 94.3 FM Radio One. Also received huge praises and appreciation from Bengali communities located in Europe, USA and other continents. The thing that makes Barnoparichay more popular is that the app is FREE to download and with very few in-app purchases.

Won Engage Award of Excellence in 2016

Kudos to the entire team for making this app a grand success

- Sandip Saha, Co-Founder, Innofied Solution

Barnoparichay Featured in

An aim to create nostalgic impact on parents who have once used slate and chalk in their own childhood, Innofied made Barnoparichay

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