BidRide Giving Uber a Chase in Milwaukee

Their App Idea

BidRide is one of the rising ridesharing app in the Milwaukee region of US, owned by Logistibid. They had a series of transport and logistic businesses. However, they wanted to introduce a new concept to their carpool. And they challenged the surge price with the clean concept of bidding on fare before taking a ride.

  • Real time auction system

  • Instant cancellation and booking

  • Get bids from vehicles of your choice

  • Automated payment system

Features They Felt Difficult

  • Client wanted to enable a bidding process each time a rider requests a ride and several drivers can respond to it. There will be bidding over the price and when both the parties agree. As clear as it may seem, developing the bidding module was a challenge on its own.
  • Without proper real time communication the functioning of any ride application becomes a risk. Handling real time communication properly posed as the next big risk.

How We Made It Feasible?

  • A chat like page was developed with proper use of MQTT and API calls to reflect the new incoming bids. The parties could also respond to bids, accept, reject or cancel them. API calls are made at certain intervals in the bid list page to keep the user auto-updated. There had to be proper checks and state handling kept to make sure the bidding process is top-notch.
  • Innofied team developed a handshaking module for MQTT messages. This helped to check if MQTT messages were missed so that they could be redelivered. The handshaking module has really been of great use to stabilize the real time communication in the app.

Technologies We Chose for BidRide

BidRide Simply Loved What We Did

Even though located overseas, we never experienced delays or language barrier.

- Joe Sanfelippo, President of Logistibid Corp

An Outcome They Never Thought Of

Joe Sanfelippo, an American business and political figure of Wisconsin owns BidRide App. We developed his app from scratch and enabled a special feature to bid and ride on the fare of different vehicles. And the outcome was at par. They currently have turned into a tough compete for Uber and Lyft in the Milwaukee region. As they have formed a straight answer for surge prices and uncontrolled charges.

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