1. The Story
2. The Challenge
3. The Solution

The Story

Buizzconf is a one-stop solution for event organizers, participants, attendees and sponsors. The app makes it easy to stay updated about all the events, conferences and seminars they want to attend. Users find powerful networking and promotional opportunities through Buizzconf.

“Great interface and amazing features. Buizzconf app is an excellent product for event managers.” – Swarnendu De


The Challenge

We created a simple UI and a web-based admin panel to help event organizers make their event/seminar etc. live in minutes. We created event-specific, fully customizable native app where they can upload pitch videos, send push notifications, share event updates and promote the event on social media. For attendees, we enabled event discoverability around their location, registering/ticket purchasing option, viewing list of special guests, joining communities and option to connect with other attendees through in-app messaging. For event sponsors, we enabled upload of pitch/explainer videos, viewing and networking with attendees, and option to explore relevant events in and around any location.

“I love how easy this app is. It makes my event planning and audience tracking so easy.” – Swarnendu De


The Solution

To display features depending on the user’s role and payment configuration, we used conditional value. We used Stripe for payment plans. For the successful display of rich text content, maintaining content character count and adding see more or see less feature, we added Bold, Underline & Indentation formatting. We enabled a “Login with LinkedIn” option which made getting user data possible from one single login. We kept the UX interesting with the use of slick animations.

Users loved the app, especially the live Twitter feed, interactive event communities features and the option to add venue floor plan.