1. The Story
2. The Challenge
3. The Solution

The Story

Cordial was created as a platform where ecommerce businesses can import their customer base and send out messages to their customers easily. “We wanted an app that would save customer information in terms of contact attributes so that users can find relevant customer information quickly”, says Chris McGreal, the brain behind Cordial.

“It’s a revelation, really. This app is none like any I’ve used so far for customer communications.” – Chris McGreal


The Challenge

We wanted to enable each user to manage multiple accounts so that they can connect with more than one business. So we had to include contact search in the UI, multiple filtering options, and create a customized, reusable message hub for batch and automation messages. Other challenges were to include graphs to display analytics data and enable users to compose a full-fledged HTML message template within the app.

“How I did business without Cordial is beyond me now!” – Chris McGreal


The Solution

We created an interface with configurable and customizable elements and 3 types of views – Table, Thumbnail and mobile-optimized list view. We implemented a customized message editor and replaced the default dialog box with Cordial’s own image library. Single user-interface was implemented by separating a user profile from their business profile. Users can view drafted, published and past versions of messages and send messages to different timezones in the world. Analytics data is available.

Cordial’s reception was astounding to say the least. So far, it has earned $9 million in funding from investors.


Over the past year, they have achieved a steep 400% business growth and attracted major clients like Lenovo,, JibJab and more. CFO of Cordial Mr. David Baker, was awarded Thought Leader of the Year 2016 by DMA