1. The Story
2. The Challenge
3. The Solution

The Story

Demon’s Doom is an incredible adventure game built by Innofied. It uses the ever-popular ‘Brick Breaking with Ball’ style. Players save the planet from deadly demons by destroying them. The challenges get harder with each level. Players are given multiple power features to turn the game in their favor. The game is easy to turn on – just shake your phone or touch to play.

“Excellent game. I loved the graphics and gameplay.”


The Challenge

The game combines our ambition to create an interesting cross-platform game, where users would be able to share their scores with their friends on Facebook and compete with them to be the winner. Synchronizing score data in between iOS and Android devices was quite a challenge.

“I love how easily the game starts. All I have to do shake my phone and it’s done!”


The Solution

We created an immersive gameplay using the open source Chipmunk Physics Engine. The home screen needed an infinite parallax effect, which we created with move and repositioning technique implementation. Each demon was given different characteristics to make the gameplay more challenging.

People loved the brick breaking style of this game and the ease with which they could share scores on Facebook and compete with their online friends. Demon’s Doom got hundreds of downloads in the App Store and Play Store.