1. The Story
2. The Challenge
3. The Solution

The Story

INTKC (Interactive Knowledge Centre) is an educational research center promoting an engaging enjoyable and enriching approach to learning Arabic. In an effort to help children learn Arabic language through something fun and interactive, Fouad Majdalawi, the director of INTKC came up with this game idea. With the use of colorful pictures and educative gaming modes, children are taught Arabic alphabets or can take up in-app.

” Yes, Team Innofied has done a superb job. Truly, Fantastic !” – Fouad Majdalawi


The Challenge

Fouad wanted the Arabic alphabet to be drawn the way it is written on paper; with play, pause and replay functionality. Implementing it was a huge challenge as we are not at all familiar with the Arabic language. The game UI was to be fully responsive on all devices, browsers and platforms. Some of the games involved a lot of drag and drop functionality. We faced challenges when integrating these because the right plugin for the job was unavailable at the time.

“Mate, You are a star” – Fouad Majdalawi


The Solution

Since plugins were unavailable for rendering the Arabic alphabet the way it’s written on paper, we came up with our own technique. We developed it in such a way that it is fully customizable and supports animation for Arabic letters. We made the game fully responsive with attractive features and ensured that the design looks flawless on all devices. To get accurate functionality from the drag and drop plugin, we customized several library functions.

The game got great reviews from parents for making language learning so much fun and easy for their children.