Single System to Manage Your Business

The Awesome Idea

Frank Curtin, COO of Pivot Industries Pvt Ltd based in florida came up with this amazing idea to run any business without a hitch. He wanted to have all kind of documents and content such as Business Processes (SOP’s), Employee Training, Company Policies, Files, all in one single system. And it's all secured by 256k encryption technology with redundancy all hosted on the Amazon Cloud.

  • Access to employee records in real-time

  • Powerful communication tools

  • Easy upload of documents and media

  • COmes with powerful search and filter option

Features They Felt Difficult

  • Doc & Do is a vast application and complex so user had a high chance to easily lose the track of the important functions. So they wanted a simple dashboard with a seamless UI/UX design. Frank wanted all the processes to be displayed under a list menu.
  • Since plenty of resources were used in Doc & Do, memory management was an important issue. Also, the code needed to be clean and readable.

How We Made It Feasible?

  • We put hours brainstorming and analyzing to plan the UI design and choose the right technology and coding architecture. We used a slide menu that comes handy while navigating the app. When users log in to their account for the first time, they see a blank screen with all the important features they need.
  • Since there was a lot of processes, we displayed them in a hierarchical order through a two-level process list. For cloud storage and collaboration, we integrated Google Drive, Dropbox and Box. We kept the code clean and readable through Model View Controller (MVC).

Technologies We Chose for Doc & Do

Had an Outcome Like They Wanted

What Frank wanted was a turnkey business management solution that will give a complete control from document management to businesses processes. With so many collaboration tool available in the market, Doc-and-Do bagged some Tampa-based Fortune 500 clients, right after the launch and they are still happy using the tool.

Doc & Do Patted Us For What We Did

Innofied did an excellent job in creating an aesthetically pleasing product.

- Frank Curtin, Co-Founder of Pivot Enterprise

Doc & Do Was Short of Words

We are so impressed with our new capabilities that Innofied team has come up with...

Frank Curtin, Co-Founder of Pivot Enterprise

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