1. The Story
2. The Challenge
3. The Solution

The Story

“Share, donate, and volunteer – all from one app”- is the idea behind Gelper. The app is the ideal solution for those who want to give back to the society. Through the app, they can stay updated about what’s happening in the communities and learn how they can get involved. From the app, users can also donate to nonprofit organizations of their choice and even get their friends and families involved.

“I donate every day through Gelper. I’m doing my share and this app helps me do it.”


The Challenge

Eric Jung, the brain behind Gelper wanted the app to be available on both iOS and Android. His idea was to include a map in the app which would display the nearby shops that have tie-ups with Gelper. Users would be able to view these shops and make purchases there, which would donate a certain percentage of the money spent to a nonprofit of users’ choice. Eric also wanted all the users to know how much they are donating each month.

“It’s the easiest way to donate and make a difference.” – Eric Jung


The Solution

After a meticulous brainstorming session and several cups of coffee, our team came up with ideas like push notifications which we enabled using Cordova-push-plugin, filtering of shops to eliminate repeated API calls, improve app performance and user experience; sending constant updates to the user even when the app is not running (for this, we used a recently open-sourced plugin), user information storing which we enabled through register/login with Facebook, and collecting purchase information which helps the user to automatically donate a portion of their total purchases made from a Gelper affiliated store to a nonprofit of their choice. We used PLAID APIs to link the user’s credit card.

The app has really simplified the process of shopping and donating at the same time. And users have lauded it for that.