Breaking the Ice Between Tenants and Landlords

A strong and obvious communication app to sustain a better household relationship between landlords and tenants. One tool and you are sorted for the rest of the year with sustainable results.

The Awesome Idea

The app is about tenants and landlords. It helps landlords manage tenants across their real estates. Moreover, it has a community for tenants. Tenants are mapped to a house managed by a landlord. Anyone can request/offer anything to which others may show interest either directly, or after negotiating through chat. The social community side is supported by simple posts and comments.

  • Real-time chat and comments

  • Feasible search for easy discovery

  • Interactive request/offer options

  • Optimised and secured communication

Features They Felt Difficult

  • What the required was an Android application be developed in the beginning of the app proposal to serve as their administrative panel.
  • Being a startup, designing a wireframe was not up to the mark. The flow of the UI was not in place when he came to us.
  • Outer look of the menus, placement of the buttons was jumbled and the app admin panel was required to run data through several systems.

How We Made It Feasible?

  • We helped them built the Android application with the latest SDKs and tweaked all the features so that it act as a comprehensive dashboard on small screen.
  • We updated their wireframe and submitted some thoughts and ideas about optimizing the UI/UX flow.
  • Our UI designers gave them the best UX and placed the buttons in the right place and deployed a backend that can easily manage so many data on various systems.

Technologies We Chose for Homfy

They Were Amazed At the Outcome

Homfy is a long term investment to contribute to sustainability goals. And to have a bigger impact they wanted to start locally. Hence, they launched their startup in Sweden in the mid of the year 2018 and has weaved a beautiful collaboration with tenants and landlords to remove all the gaps and limits in daily communication.

Homfy Just Loved Their Experience With Us

They’re simply excellent in communication and general project management.

- Alexander Edsvard (Homfy, Co-Founder)

Listen How Homfy Appreciated Us

I am really happy that I chose to work with Innofied.

Alexander Edsvard (Homfy, Co-Founder)

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