1. The Story
2. The Challenge
3. The Solution

The Story

Lettfrem is a route optimization solution, a web app for a fleet service where the owner, Øystein Kvale can track all his vehicles, drivers, and services provided by each vehicle for a particular day. It displays exact duration of each service, time taken to reach each destination, and allows for rescheduling of services as well as unassigning of already scheduled services.

“With Innofied’s help, now I have a smart and efficient solution. This kind of efficiency brings my customers back again and again.” – Øystein Kvale


The Challenge

Managing a fleet is extremely complex. It needs loads of data and cutting-edge technical infrastructure. Øystein was spending hours every day to record each vehicle’s routes, services provided and time taken to reach destination. This was becoming a constraint for his business growth. So, he thought of a web app where he can view all the pertinent information about his vehicles and drivers. He wanted to create a rescheduling feature too which would allow rescheduling of only those services which haven’t been started yet or are in queue. And so we were presented with the challenge of freezing already completed and ongoing services.

“Everything in my line of work depends on time. And that’s what I’m maximizing every day with this solution.”


The Solution

We brainstormed the entire requirement, and keeping in mind the functionality, we designed the timeline. For flexibility, we included drag and drop for each services blocks. We used Angular-UI-sortable to implement drag and drop. Since this is a web application, we especially kept responsiveness in mind. We went through insane Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation to place each and every service block properly. Scheduling, rescheduling, freezing proper service block, calculating service preparation and driving time for each service called for extensive brainstorming in both the backend and frontend.

Lettfrem helped Øystein meet high customer expectations efficiently while encouraging safe driving and improving driver satisfaction.