1. The Story
2. The Challenge
3. The Solution

The Story

A wearable fitness app that would help users stay fit and donate eyewear to the financially challenged visually impaired. That was the concept behind Level. Conceptualized and created by VSP Global, who wanted the eyewear app to be an all-in-one solution for the fitness conscious. In the app, users could connect with their friends and earn points based on their fitness level. Once a user achieves 50 points, VSP will donate a pair of glasses to the needy with vision problems.

“Innofied certainly delivered beyond what we had expected. They know their job well.” – Carey McLean


The Challenge

Our client Carey McLean presented us with the challenge of creating a highly interactive custom UI, as VSP already had the design ready. We developed the frontend in both Android and iOS, real-time calculation and display of the user’s fitness information (such as how many calories burned etc.) through graphs. Carey wanted the app to be able to have communication in background with the bluetooth enabled frame of the eyewear. She also wanted location tracking in background with GPS to be enabled in the app.

“We couldn’t have asked for more.” -Carey McLean


The Solution

Team Innofied took on these challenges with careful planning and rigorous testing at each phase of the development. We created a custom UI with lots of high-end animation, we achieved real-time calculation and display of user’s fitness info through server-side API integration. The app displays the real-time fitness info through graphs. We enabled user location tracking through GPS and data synchronization to display the data to users even when there is no internet connection. This enabled Level to run in offline mode. We made communication in background the with bluetooth-enabled frame of the eyewear possible. With hours of hard work and regular communication with our client, we’ve met each challenge.

Level has turned out to be a highly successful app, so much so, that it’s been featured in ABC News. Users have helped VSP donate a huge number of eyewear to the visually impaired with financial constraints.