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Level, the next generation sensor-enabled eyewear is produced by VSP Global in partnership with University of Southern California. This is not a fitbit, but a mature, second-gen approach to wearables. Level with its tracking technology used in the glasses can count steps, calories burned, distance, and total activity time via an accompanying smartphone app.

  • Real-time calculation & display

  • Easy data sharing on social media

  • GPS-enabled location tracking

  • Works even in offline mode


  • VSP wanted a solution with highly interactive UI.
  • Along with it they wanted to enable a real-time calculation and display the user data through graphs. And wanted that the app should work even when there is no internet connection.
  • VSP also wanted to enable communication in the background within the glass frames along with location tracking.


  • As the rockstar of designs, we too created a custom UI with lots of high-end animation and material UI.
  • We achieved real-time calculation and fitness data display in graphs through server-side API integration. We used data synchronization to display data in offline mode when there is no internet.
  • We enabled location tracking through GPS. And allowed communication in background with bluetooth-enabled (BLE 4.0) frame.

Technologies We Chose for Level

The Results

Featured in ABC News, Engadget, TheNextWeb, ZDNet - the smart eyewear rolled out in the US market since March 2018 in areas like Portland, Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis, and Washington, DC. A feature in Level which is highly praised by the media is, accruing 50 points when users achieves their stretch goals. VSP will collect those brownies, give a person in need of an eye exam or a pair of glasses at no charge.

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The Innofied team was professional, competent, responsive, and dedicated.

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VSP Global Praised Innofied in the ABC News 10

I put my team up against any other team of developers in the Bay.”

Jay Sales, Co-Lead

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