It’s All About Increased Productivity


Steve Scott is a self-made millionaire and co-founder of American Telecast who along with Dr. Keller’s formed a number of glutathione enhancing product, helping people to lead a healthier life. With so many people working for Max it was impossible to track productivity. Thus they approached us to build an app to help users build and manage their business and communicate with the company directly.

  • Get access to app on multiple devices

  • Can share photos, videos, PDFs, and other attachments

  • Works even in offline mode

  • Get a calendar view of your to-do list


  • Challenge was to let the employees have access to the app on any devices they use keeping the interface intact.
  • Video display and document sharing options with other employees and prospects was a real-challenge.
  • UI/UX should be highly intuitive and easy to use and should run on few clicks as employees are too busy at Max.


  • We have build the app in cross platform to let it have access from any number of devices with similar interface just like native apps.
  • We kept the app lightweight by implementing reusability, cleaning up unusable views in dom, and refactoring our code.
  • To make the UI/UX user-friendly and adaptive as possible, we tweaked and created custom components in Sencha.

Technologies We Chose for Max International

Max Simply Loved Our Work

Innofied has detail-oriented team; they understood the project really well.

- Brant Snow (Director, Max International)

The Results

Popular author of "The Richest Man Who Ever Lived", and self made millionaire Steve Scott is the founder of Max International. He wanted to keep their employees engaged, happy and productive and we helped them do it with a great solution. We have a mobile app ready that clearly helped their employee to boost productivity at all levels and keep their prospects happy.

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