Let You Manage Domestic Workers' Paperwork Like A Pro

A revolutionary next-gen foreign domestic worker management app, which has come to the rescue of every family in Singapore. So manage household employees like a pro, removing middlemen, shunning agency fees and saving time.

The Awesome Idea

Mee-Doo is one of the new employee engagement app launched in Singapore to help the household manager handle the paperwork of their Foreign Domestic Workers without the interference of any third-party and without paying any surcharges. This is a one of kind of app that is totally new in its concept and the target market is yet untouched.

  • Store all employee documents in one place

  • Seamless push notifications & alerts

  • Set reminders for monthly wages & updates

  • Review security settings as per your preference

Features They Felt Difficult

  • Challenge was to let the users have access rather sync the app with the reminder embedded within.
  • User required a copy or a print out of the document and the paperwork uploaded from the HTML itself.
  • UI/UX should be highly intuitive and easy to use and should run on few clicks as user might not be a pro or app efficient.

How We Made It Feasible?

  • We have build the app in native platform and thus used EKReminder, a native app feature to sync it with the reminder.
  • To keep the app lightweight we allowed the user to get a printout of HTML content with the use of UiPrintInteractionController.
  • To make the UI/UX as user-friendly and as adaptive as possible, we tweaked and created custom components in native app.

Technologies We Chose for Mee-Doo

Mee-Doo Simply Loved Our Work

Their work is affordable and they’re a very talented and organized team.

- Tim Gilbertson, Founder of Mee-Doo

An Outcome We Love to Share

This idea conceived by Tim Gilbertson, is a revolutionary app launched in the market of Singapore. It tends to shun the use of domestic service agencies that charges extra fees to update the paper and documents of the workers. Tim is all set to launch Mee-Doo with a big bang at the end of the year 2018 in Singapore and then he will market it in other Southeast Asian countries.

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