1. The Story
2. The Challenge
3. The Solution

The Story

David Friedeberg, the owner of a driving school in Florida, wanted his students to have a convenient platform where they can learn more about driving and even test their driving skills. He named it Miscrianti – a web app where all of David’s driving courses would be available.

“Innofied made everything so simple.” – David Friedeberg


The Challenge

David’s idea was very different from most driving school websites. He wanted to enable tests at the end of each lesson. He also wanted the web app to verify whether those taking the video tutorials are genuine students of his driving school. He was looking to include transcriptions for his video tutorials and questions for each lesson imparted.

“I wanted user-friendliness, and this is as user-friendly as it gets.” – David Friedeberg


The Solution

We used JSON formatted subtitle for video transcriptions and implemented user authentication through a security question included in videos. We enabled live chat button, browse help center, and Google/Facebook login to make the web app more interactive. By implementing Stripe, PayPal, and Bitcoin, we made it easier for his students to pay online.

The finished product was a feature-rich, secure and interactive web app that David’s students liked a lot.