A Real-Time App to Assist Hard Merchandising

The Awesome Idea

With such a big database of client it is hard for Lafarge India to track down, how many franchise or dealers has been using the new branding logo and name (Nuvoco). For this they came to us to build an app that will allow hard merchandising. The app will click images of the new installations and will upload with geo-location, width, height and type and will store everything in the local database.

  • Real-time image sync and photo upload

  • Auto update of dealer and their location

  • GPS-enabled location tracking

  • Works even in offline mode

Features They Felt Difficult

  • They wanted the data to be stored in local database even when there is no access to network.
  • Another trouble was if the location was kept off the device, how will be the marketing people working for Nuvoco handle it.

How We Made It Feasible?

  • We have used the technology to work even in offline. So that when network is offline, pending data will be saved in database. This was solved by using Realm database.
  • We coded in a way so that the location permissions were asked in case if it was kept off before clicking the picture.

Technologies We Chose for Nuvoco

They Were Amazed At the Outcome

They wanted their employers working in field and would be contacting the dealers, sub-dealers, distributors and organization to track down them everywhere in India and see whether they have changed their older hoardings and banners with the new brand name and logo - Nuvoco. Mobile was the best platform for them to reach out to more than 50,000 franchise in the current scenario, who may be located in the urban as well as in the rural parts of India.

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