1. The Story
2. The Challenge
3. The Solution

1. The Story

Rodrigo Morgado faced a lot of challenges while managing his team in an Italian company. The problems were mostly related to team communication. Rodrigo looked at a number of possible solutions, but nothing worked. So he collaborated with the University of California Berkeley to develop a software and streamline communication. Now he needed a development partner. He met Innofied at RISE Conference 2015 and partnered to launch Octopull which went on to be the winner at the Best Financial App Startups in Chile 2016.

“Manage your entire company from chat with help of our mission bot.” – Rodrigo Morgado

2. The Challenge

Octopull was supposed to run on both iOS and Android, so it was a lot of work. Initially, Octopull wanted just an app design but later Innofied and Octopull partnered to develop the real-time messaging solution from the scratch. The complex flow of the application made our designers struggle initially, but later they provided an array of interface designs to impress the team. Since the app enables real-time messaging with single, group and mission chats, scalability and performance were equally important.

“A group of young and software skilled guys with good communication worried about transforming your ideas in the next unicorn.” – Rodrigo Morgado

3. The Solution

We provided a plethora of design options to choose from. By following an agile development process and staying in constant communication with the Octopull team, we were able to match their expectations in every milestone.

It has been called the “2016’s Best Financial App Startup in Chile”, by Bank BCI Labs and generated 100+ corporate clients including Siemens.

Hear It Straight From Our Amazing Clients

I put my team up against any other team of developers in the Bay.

Jay Sales, Co-Leader, The Level App

Innofied team was professional, competent, responsive, and dedicated. We had a very aggressive and rigid timeline, but Innofied was able to deliver on time. Their dedication and professionalism resulted in a high-quality app, so I put them ahead of any other team in the Bay.

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Innofied took the coldness out of the tech world for me.

Christina Cavage, Owner, Bella Lingua LLC

They were easy to collaborate with, and their creative suggestions added key features to the app. They’re highly responsive and professional, and were willing to educate internal teams on their process. They’re a hard-working team focused on quality and relationships.

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I'm very happy & delighted with the experience.

Tim Gilbertson, CEO of Mee-Doo

They’re not only quick to deliver but also helpful, responsive, and incredibly accommodating to a traveling schedule with shifting time differences. Their work is affordable and they’re a very talented and organized team.

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  • Jay SalesCo-Leader, The Level App
  • Christina CavageOwner, Bella Lingua LLC
  • Tim GilbertsonCEO of Mee-Doo

Innofied helped Cordial raise $9 million valuation and yet growing over 400% than year 2015.

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