1. The Story
2. The Challenge
3. The Solution

The Story

There are so many photo editing software in the market that it becomes difficult to choose the right one. Innofied was tasked with the challenge of creating an iPad app that would stand out in that all-too-crowded arena. Our client wanted the app to be a robust tool for photographers and artists to help wow their customers.

“If you love photography like me, you’re gonna love PickPic as much as I do.”


The Challenge

A professional photo editing app specifically for iPad with a horizontal scrolling gallery and perfect image cropping functionalities – this was our primary challenge. We wanted to implement UI/UX buttons to make this tool even more efficient and user-friendly.

“This app is perfect with a capital P.”


The Solution

Since the target device was the iPad, we used JavaScript framework which can provide the native appeal even through mobile browsers. Sencha was the perfect fit for what the client had in mind. But at the time, Sencha had no plugin to create functionalities like cropping, enhancements etc., so we created a custom solution. We also enabled photo album creation and management, photo galleries with infinite scrolling and implemented “pull to refresh” functionality.

The PickPic app helped countless photographers, artists and photography enthusiasts to do more with their photos, and grow their popularity.