Pro-Skool Redefining Children’s Safety in Mexico

Their App Idea

Pro-skool has introduced a new way guardians and schools can safeguard the kids from the unseen dangers. When Larizza approached us she had a simple yet laser-focused idea of how she desired the app to be.

  • Custom

  • Custom

  • Real-Time Tracking

  • SOS Button

Features They Felt Difficult

  • Pro-Skool wanted to enable parents to be able to guide their kid to home
  • Real-time tracking was another important feature in the app. Our Client had asked us to integrate an accurate live tracking system.

How We Made It Feasible?

  • We have created a tool that will successfully assist parents to outline a route to known places and zero in on locations they consider safe for their kids. They would instantly know if the kid has deviated from the drawn path.
  • Innofied team delivered the most accurate real-time tracking programme. This feature enabled parents to be around their kids even when they are not. They would also be regularly updated on their kids’ whereabouts through notifications.

Technologies We Chose for Pro-Skool

An Outcome They Never Thought Of

Larizza, a business woman-cum-mother gave two years to an idea which has made so many kids safer. We designed the website as well as the app for Pro-skool and it has become an instant hit among a variety of users from principals to parents. Currently, it is focused in only two regions- Netherlands and Mexico, but with the new age concept and the rising crimes towards young children and students, Pro-skool will spread out to manifold.

Pro-Skool Simply Loved What We Did

They have great customer service. They not only commit to the business, but to the idea. They can also enlighten and teach you and make your idea even more fantastic.

- Larizza, Founder of Pro-Skool

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