Users Just Loved Viapool Bus App

Total Downloads 10,000+

Their App Idea

Viapool Charters wanted a compelling solution and they came to us with their wireframe and basic idea. We not only made a great functional development for them, but we worked from the scratch and gifted them the best corporate bus pool app running currently in Argentina.

  • Interactive route search facility

  • Instant cancellation and booking

  • Scheduling your journey anytime

  • Seamless push notifications

Features They Felt Difficult

  • Viapool came with a plain looking interface and very stale UX, and above all security was top-notch requirement.
  • There was a need of seamless bus booking dashboard that already stores route of the available buses in the city.
  • It was necessary to have feature of selecting route for the whole week, track reservations and book multiple seats.

How We Made It Feasible?

  • As the rockstar of designs, we created a custom UI with material design, keeping security as the top preference at all-level.
  • We asked backend to send more locations in the form of Encoded Polyline, we decoded the locations and bus routes got autosaved.
  • It was the use of latest feature embedded in the backend that allowed to enable the easy tracking and multiple-booking availability.

Technologies We Chose for Viapool

Got an Outcome Like They Wanted

Viapool Charter App for both PlayStore and App Store was developed by us. The functionality though has been developed by us, but we simply integrated the Material Design to upgrade the UI/UX. And the outcome was at par - they bagged corporate clients like Unilever, SAP, Bayer, Nestle and lot more just after the app launch in the market of Argentina.

Who Seeks Viapool’s Charter Service?

Viapool Simply Loved Our Work

They were always looking for ways to improve the project, make it more flexible, and better.

- Pedro Laplaza, VP of Design Viapool

Viapool Was Short of Words

They're crazy. They're great. An Awesome experience.

Pedro Laplaza, VP of Design Viapool

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