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  • Flutter App Development Framework: How Does It Work Internally?

    Google has created Flutter in an entirely different way than any other framework. Instead of a traditional application framework, Flutter has been built to work more like a gaming engine. Yes, we will be discussing the working process of the Flutter App Development Framework here.  Flutter is an open-source User Interface Software Development Kit (SDK). […]

  • Flutter v/s Native: Will Flutter Replace Native Android App Development?

    Google owns both Android and Flutter. While Android is meant for native app development, Flutter is used for cross-platform mobile app development.  Though Android Inc started Android application development, Google bought it in 2005. Google came up with the concept of Flutter just a few years back when they were conceptualizing their upcoming revolutionary Fuchsia […]

  • Flutter App Development – Everything You Need To Know!

    Flutter app development has become very popular. Its entry 3-years back has completely changed the paradigm of cross-platform app development.  Flutter was launched in 2017 and the first stable version 1.7 was made available in May 2019. The new, upgraded Flutter 1.20 was released in August 2020 with lots of improvements, plugging lots of lacunae […]