E/M Commerce

Thinking Thread

What about a quick notification on the app that the out of stock product is back in the cart?

How amazing would be the business if you get real-time customer feedback on every single sale?

What do you think about the presence of purchase to pay tools?

Will you like to give your ecommerce shop the touch of native advertising?

With the changing landscape of the retail industry it is no longer confined to way Streets. Moreover, the consumer behavior is evolving and more shoppers are becoming comfortable with browser hunt, comparing from an array of products and then simply hit the “BUY” button.
It is just not about bring shops home, but also revolutionizing the brick and mortar store. From mobile wallets, curation apps, brand advise and social channel integration, connecting customer has never been so easy.

Reinventing Retail with State of the Art Apps

The rapid growing poses much challenges to the future retailers who want to cater solution to the mobile customers. In order to successfully leverage power of web and mobile apps, you need in-depth analytics of the customer case, great displays, seamless user interface to provide unusual user experience. At Innofied, we understand expect more every day. it is just brilliant retail design, but on the pulse understanding of e/m commerce best practices.

What e/m-Commerce Solutions Innofied Have

For Retailers

Customer reach models and engaging platforms

Social business integration and brick and mortar store reinvigoration

Mobile incentive apps along with purchase to pay tools

For Customers

Personalized shopping experience

Customized curations of items

On the go shopping experience and compare platforms

Mobile rewards and incentive programs

For Marketplace

Cross-platform product visibility

Enhanced product demand

Real time customer feedback

For Investors

Lower investment compared to the brick and mortar stores

Future-ahead sustainable models

Analytic tools for the customer base

For Advertisers

Brand marketing across Omni-channels

Targeted ads, and ad layover opportunities

Native app advertising

Why Choose Innofied?

All set to transform your brick and mortar to an online shop? What to couple your ROI with least investment? Let us work on a retail dashboard that have everything under roof.

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