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We know how difficult it is to manage a multi-day trade show. Who is going to call the list of investors, sponsors, attendees? It is not possible to make everyone have a face to face chat before the event begins, so what about app that can help your attendees network prior to attending the event? And what about those sponsors and keeping tap on each of them, phew it is a tough task?


One Solution for such huge problem – have an event app in hand for attendees, sponsors, speakers and organizers.

Handling Trade Shows, Conferences, Summits Never Been So Easy

A multi-day tradeshow, conference or festivals has many moving parts. You have to keep yourself busy with so many things from organizing the venue to fixing the speakers for various sessions. At the same time, your attendees want some tool that can help them keep track of the event happenings. With easy-to-use event apps installed on smartphones and tablets, attendees could follow the day’s events. Just not attendees it’s the sponsors, investors, speakers and organizers all can use the app to anchor the event. Thus to save your time, Innofied keep on inventing solutions to help event management industry get managed better.

What Event App Solutions Innofied Have

Innofied has been providing Event app solutions since a long time to prestigious customers. We have our own home grown product BuizzConf, which has recently been praise at the event of RISEConf. Take a ride through the solutions that we provide exclusively to this industry.

For Attendees

Look for and find events based on a specific keynote, in different locations.

Join communities, network and speak about the event, interact with professionals who share your views and passion.

Find all details about events such as Agenda, Speakers, Sponsors, Exhibitors, Location Map, Floor Plan and more.

Initiate conversations with other attendees, event organizers, speakers and sponsors via Twitter.

For Event Managers

A simplistic and responsive panel which lets you create new events, add agendas, list an informative profile of speakers and sponsors and publish it in minutes.

As an admin you can add people from your team and grant them rights to edit event information.

Build a complete community based on your event.

A completely customizable speaker profile page. Allow sponsors/ exhibitors to post a pitch video displaying their significance.

Create and publish your own featured event iTunes/ Google Play app. A feature which puts the power straight into your hand.

For Speakers

A fully detailed speaker profile, including your LinkedIn bio, making sure you stay visible before, during and after the event.

Check attendees who marked you as their ‘Favorite’. This helps you network with the right groups and spread information about your upcoming events.

For Sponsors

An exclusive page which consists of company logo, description and a promotional pitch video. This lets you showcase your business to professionals and generate strong interest.

Pitch video is an unparalleled feature lets you add a well composed video to send a message. Show all active participants how significant they are to you.

Why Choose Innofied?

For a robust Event App solutions, you need someone who understands the industry from the core and have been sharing their expertise constantly. Innofied exactly does that. To explore more.

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