How we help

Product ideation and design validation

A combined UX design approach that includes user research, brainstorming, and design thinking. This helps generate creative and innovative ideas and an immersive UX product design strategy.

Full-cycle product development

Creating a new product from start to finish involving all stages of the product development lifecycle, including ideation, design, prototyping, development, and testing.

Delivery transformation

The Innofied way focuses on creating short feedback loops that significantly reduce technical and business risks, making it easier to bring working software to the market quickly.

Product improvement plan

We help increase the adoption and usage of your product by involving a range of strategies and tactics that aim to attract, engage, and retain users, as well as increase their lifetime value to your business.

Quality Assurance

Validate software functionality and gauge customer satisfaction before releasing it into production using scripted sequences.

Surge squads

Need a team to scale up your product development efforts? Find expert developers, testers, and managers to complete your team and get your product to the market faster.

A group of software skilled guys with good communication, transformed ideas to be the next unicorn.

Rodrigo Morgado

Co-Founder, Octopull



  • User research
  • Market testing
  • Interactive wireframes
  • Roadmap sequencing
  • Greenfield development


  • UX design
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Creative direction
  • Design systems
  • Content design


  • Test Automation
  • Voice, AI, and IoT
  • SaaS
  • Open-source development
  • Cloud app development

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