Thinking Thread

Just don’t remember whether you have filed for the tax returns or not. Do you have something to remind you of the tax payments.


Will it be good to invest in this mutual fund or should you move your liquid assets to fixed assets deposits? Upon maturity, where should I further invest it.


What is the current stock price of the day? And if there’s a sudden emergency and you need a quick fund transfer to settle a payment, what could be the best way out?


Phew tough it is. But a core solution to this, could be digitizing all tasks to compete with other financial contenders.

Hit Your Everyday Financial Goals With Robust Apps

We are slowly entering into a new age of financial moves, where baking to investment, insurance to mortgage all have been making shift to the mobile world. Growing demands of the mobility, convenience, and personalization have been effectively influencing the marketplace, providing the money managers with every size of opportunity to offer location independent financial solutions. This is not just about making your financial moves easier, but to cut cost and increase brand awareness as well.

What Financial Solutions Innofied Have For

Innofied has been in the financial services industry for last three year and has been successful in helping financial institutions, new ecosystem, and fintech startups with cutting-edge solutions. Experience the robust solutions that we have for this particular industry.

For Money Lenders

Integrate mFinance into portfolio

Omni-channel presence

Remote transaction capabilities

New revenue streams

Global Reach

For Money Managers

Cost-effective portfolio management

Real-time information

Must have financial management tools

Enables managers to measure and predict

Powerful data in an easy-to-use format

For Owners

Reach new markets

Increase market share

Reach banked and unbanked markets

Complete security and protection

For Financial Advisors

Mobile portfolio & asset management apps

Enhanced engagement with clients

Essential investment tools

Leapfrog competition

For Customers & Clients

Anywhere anytime banking

Freedom, control and convenience

Exceptional user experience

Complete security and data protection

Why Choose Innofied?

Looking to build a robust financial app that will maintain the security and integrity of your financial transactions and your assets? Innofied might have the solution for you.

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