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Need to rush an elder at home during a minor heart attack, though panic-stricken, but a smartphone saves your day – How?


A click on an Emergency Ambulance App and in few minutes’ medical van is near your door step. Arrived at the hospital, doctor asked for patient’s Medical History, you shared the same from the CPOE Database. Doctor asked to arrange for few medicine that might not be the stock, but a Pharmacy App can give you access to any medicine from a number of vendors.


A human presence is very well required for our dear ones to get cured, if the domain is well connected to every facility, things get to be quicker and convenient.

Health Apps - Where Necessity Meets Technology

Healthcare today has got some major upgrades. The industry has gone online through website and mobile apps. Presence of internet in the healthcare industry is visible and as most of them targeted to mobile devices, the concept of M-Health is becoming stronger day by day. Healthcare application whether for web or mobile speed up the growth and the productivity of the health and fitness apps. These software solutions aim to enhance the performance and reduce the operational cost in a medical area.

What Healthcare Solutions Innofied Have

Innofied offers some of the world’s healthcare solutions. Ranked among Top 6 Healthcare Solution Providers in Clutch, we strive to meet every dynamic demand in the healthcare industry. Take a ride through our offerings.

Healthcare Professionals


Our software solutions ease out a doctor/medical practitioner/physician while practicing his medical aid. We offer extended solutions that makes your tough task of being a doctor become stress-free –

EHRs, a system to integrate practice management system, external laboratory system, insurance provider systems, or your medical equipment

E-Prescribing Services, helps a doctor to improve patient’s safety and reduce increasing medication cost. No more confusion with the handwritten prescriptions, inadequate dosing, or neglected drug-drug or drug-allergy reactions.



Why not keeping a tab on your health? Why won’t you stay medically aware? Innofied offers sound solution for patients to let them take more active role in relation to their health.

Patient Portal, a user-friendly portal to share medical data with the physicians or take a print out when preparing for a doctor’s appointment

Appointment Apps, a major aid for the patients to set appointment with their physician or any domain with a few clicks.

Hospitals and Clinics


Just not the doctors and patients it is the organization offering proper medication, also need a major overhaul with healthcare applications.

Practice management Systems, help automate clients’ operations and streamline appointment scheduling, task management and patient check-in. This improves operational efficiency, lessen administrative workload.

EDI transactions, smoothens with the help of our software solutions, which are tightly integrated with various clearinghouses and insurance providers to get updated information on patient’s insurance plan benefits and the responsible payee.

Pharma Vendors and Pathology


Out of the box solutions for the medical vendors and pathology institutes that makes them more easily accessible by patients, doctors and hospitals.

Pharma Apps, allows to book medicines and medical equipment and customize your orders with a few clicks.

LIMSs solutions, helps the anatomic pathology & clinical pathology laboratories and blood banks for making lab test turn flexible.

Why Choose Innofied?

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