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With more than 20 projects delivered with React Native technology, our team of React Native rockstars will work diligently to deliver your dream project with full assurance of customer satisfaction.

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Your project is fully safe with us. We guarantee full non-disclosure agreements with clients and you are the sole proprietor of your IP. In addition, we take advanced measures to structure and secure your App.

We are dead serious about deadlines

Delivering your project on time is our top priority and we promise to take care of time and while maintaining standard quality. We will keep you updated with the progress until the end.

We work with the latest React Native version

At Innofied, we keep ourselves updated with the latest version of technology and nothing short of the best. Our React Native developers team uses slack and jira, to give you the full benefits of React native app development.

Our Rockstar React Native Developers Team

Why we prefer React Native over any other cross platform technologies?

Hear it from our Co-founder, Swarnendu and CMO, Ritesh.

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Top Brands That Use React Native

Why We Love React Native?

Clean and simple

React Native, a framework that has a user interface, is much more simplified than other frameworks. As it develops mobile application using a combination of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Better user interface

React Native has too many pros to count - but the fact that it creates highly effective, responsive, and well-performing UI with a faster loading time is one of it’s best features. You need not be an expert to understand the importance of a good user interface when it comes to building apps.

Saves money

If you want to launch your application on more than one platform, then React Native is the right framework for you. This is because React Native uses javascript - which allows the developer to use the same code for both platforms; Android and iOS.

For startups with a small budget, this is the right technology. If you are thinking of creating an MVP (minimum viable product), this should be an easy way to figure out what your target platform will be.

Reuse codes to save time

Using existing code components is another useful advantage.

React Native allows you to change or update an existing apps' code, simply by implementing native UI components. This means that using React Native will be relatively easier on your pockets compared to other technologies.

Third party plugins just got easier

With React Native, you may integrate plugins like social media sharing, google maps, keyboard, etcetera, without changing the app’s codes. Loading the functionalities of those third-party plugins will be faster and seamless with React Native Development while using minimal memory.

Better debugging and tools

React Native lets you take advantage of intelligent debugging tools and error reporting. If you are comfortable with Chrome or Safari’s developer tools, you can use them for mobile development as well. Likewise, you can use whatever text editor you prefer for JavaScript editing: React Native does not force you to work in Xcode to develop for iOS, or Android Studio for Android development.

Name A React Native Service, We Got You Covered!

What are the types of services we provide in React Native?

React Native App Development

Our team of React Native experts are ready to leverage the endless benefits of React Native, which is the most preferred Cross-platform app development javascript framework among developers. As an App development company with years of expertise on Cross-platform app development, we deliver perfection and brilliance with every React Native App Development project.

React Native App Maintenance

Our services include app maintenance and code extension with a fast and immediate solution. From fixing bugs, detecting issues, and keeping your app stable, we are a React Native app development company that got you covered!

End to End Solutions

We provide complete coverage of your project based on your requirements. So, if you have an idea for your product, our team will take care of brainstorming, product discovery, technology analysis, wireframing, design to React Native app development, testing and launching the product in the app stores.

React Native MVP

Want to launch a product with just enough feature? Hire our react native developers who will create a minimum viable product for your startup that helps you launch a product on multiple platforms at an affordable cost! React Native reduces the time and cost to deliver an MVP.

App Migration

If you already have an app developed with any other technology, be it native or hybrid, we at Innofied can take care of migrating the whole system to React Native. Following are the technologies from which we have migrated multiple apps to React Native technology.

    Cross-platform technologies

  • Xamarin
  • Flutter
  • Ionic
  • Other web-based hybrid app technologies

    Native technologies

  • iOS Native - Swift, Objective C
  • Android native - Java

React Native Best Practices We Follow At Innofied


Feedback/highlighting And Cancel-ability Should Be There In Gesture Responder System

To make your users feel great using your app, every action should have the following attributes:

Feedback/highlighting – let the user know what is handling their touch, and what will happen when they release the gesture. Cancel-ability- when performing an action, let the user to abort it mid-touch by dragging their finger away. These features make users feel more comfortable using an app, because it lets people experiment and interact without the fear of making mistakes.


Optimize React Native Images And Store It In Cloud Storage

Optimizing React Native images should be your higher priority, whatever your requirements are. So, resize the images locally and upload the images to cloud storage like s3 by the server and get the cdn link and return them back using an API. In this process, you can load the images in a faster way.


Manage Static Image Resources

React Native integrates the images and other media assets in such a way that it is supported in your iOS and Android apps. To add a static image in your app, you have to do it in such a way that the image name in require has to be known statically.

 // BAD
  var icon = ? 'icon-innofied-active' : 'icon-innofied-inactive';

 // GOOD
  var icon =
   	? require('./icon-innofied-active.png')
  	: require('./icon-innofied-inactive.png');


Key Of Each Element In List Should Be Unique

In React Native, unique keys help identify which items have moved are changed, are added, or are removed. The best way to choose a key is to use a string that identifies a list item among its siblings uniquely. We recommend to use IDs from your list item as keys:

const numbersArr = [
		key: 1,
		value: 1
		key: 2,
		value: 2
		key: 3,
		value: 3
const listItems = =>


Use Functional Component For Stateless Presentational Component

Since Stateless Presentational Component is only dealing with styles and UI, we should use functional component for this.

import React, { Component } from 'react';
import { Text, View } from 'React-native';

class Button extends Component {
	constructor(props) {
	render() {
		return (

const styles = {
	containerStyle: {
		flex: 1,
		justifyContent: 'center',
		alignItems: 'center',
		textStyle: {
		textAlign: 'center',
		ontSize: 25,
		fontFamily: fonts.bold,
		color: colors.grayLight,
export default Button;


Classify The Component First

Component should be broken down into two main categories – Presentation Component It is concerned with how things look and allow containment via this.props.children Styles have to be implemented Don’t specify how data is loaded or mutated Receive data and callbacks exclusively via props. Container Component It is concerned with how things work Use Higher Order Component for wrapping divs It provides presentational or other container components with data and behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is React Native a good idea for mobile app development?

React Native is a javascript framework that is considered to be the future of mobile app development. It is better compared to other frameworks like Cordova and preferred by tech experts due to its cross-platform functionality.

2. Can I build Native Android and iOS apps using React Native?

In short, yes. As React Native is based on javascript, you write single codebase to create native apps for both iOS and Android. As it is supported both by Apple and Google, you can easily launch your product in both these platforms.

3. How to hire a React Native developer?

The developer must have advanced knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Also, when you hire a React Native developer, it is recommended that you choose a professional company with good reviews rather than a freelancer

4. For what kind of mobile apps can I use React Native

Think React native,, think big. Some of the most popular brands were created using this technology. Ubereats, Bloomberg, Instagram, Airbnb, were all developed with the help of React. With the right team, you can create amazing applications with React Native.

5. Which one is better to use, React Native or Native technologies?

Many startups have started considering React Native due to the short development cycle and obvious cost efficiency. React Native development is also relatively easy to learn and easier to debug, making the training part easier for companies. As with React Native app development, you forego the cost of two separate teams for iOS and Android, there is a reduction in the overall resources employed. However, we advise our customers to go for React Native technology only when the application functionality is not very complex, or you don’t need a lot of animations, or you don’t have a lot of screens in the app (think 75+). For simpler apps, React-Native provides budget and timeline gains that are hard to ignore. But for a complex app, you may face problems that the community may not be able to solve.

6. How much faster is developing mobile apps with React Native?

Although this depends on the features you want to implement, with React Native development you may reuse the code for both the platforms which means you end up saving time and money both. In addition, for every change, you don’t need to work on two separate code bases and just working on one will get the job done.

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