How We Help Startups?

We just love these guys - full of ideas, but all what they need is the right platform.

We sit together to do epic brainstorming with
your team and let you know where to begin.

At Innofied, we take your app from A to Z success, with our innovation workshop series. We will help you refine and define you ideas and give it a kickstart.

Why Startups Have Our Workshops?

To Grow Ideas

If your idea is half-baked, we’re there to reassemble all ingredients into a feasible solution for success.

Get Tech Consultations

Bootstrapped or ventured back, we’re there to share technical expertise to deliver creative solutions.

Pull Ideas Together

We’ve launched award winning apps & grown businesses. Our teams are always ready to pull ideas.

Choose a Right Setting

Get the right setting which is boundless, feisty and collaborative for any type of startups.

Build Unique Products

Your idea needs to be unique, exciting and essential to humanity. If so, Innofied can help.

For 360 Degree Support

You want us 360 degree support to look after strategy to ideation, design to development, we’ll give.

Wanna Join Our Workshops?

Octopull is about a year old. And Innofied started from scratch, refined the niche, baked my idea and helped to win 2016’s Best Financial App Startups in Chile.

Rodrigo Morgado, Octopull
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Got a Startup Idea? What’s Next?

Confused? Don’t know what to do with your idea. It’s simple. Let us help you.


Meet our expert, multi-disciplined team to bake your idea.


Let’s sit together to validate your ideas and feasible at initial stages.


It’s time that you should get started like and make enriching apps.

And This is How We Do It

When it comes to web/mobility solutions for startups, it is just not about ‘what is done’, rather ‘how is it done’.
Let us tell you how we help startups to evolve in three different stages.
  • Seed Stage
  • $ 100 Monthly
    • Idea validation & refinement
    • Brainstorming workshops
    • Product discovery (blueprint )
    • MVP design & development
    • Go to market strategy
    • Fundraising Support
  • Expansion Stage
  • $ 100 Monthly
    • Quick Team augment/ramp up
    • Performance Optimization
    • Analytics & Improved Engagement
    • Usability Assessment & Improvement
    • Architectural improvement For Scalability
    • DevOps Support
    • Technology Audit
    • Security Improvement
  • Growth Stage
  • $ 100 Monthly
    • Team ramp up
    • Re-engineering
    • Personalization & Intelligence
    • Improved UX through Micro-interactions
    • DevOps
    • Test Automation
    • Compliances
    • Big Data & Machine Learning
Want to Start Up?

We’ve Closely Worked With These Startups

These are some of the smartest guys who believed in their ideas and we believed in them.

How to Growth Hack your Startup?

Learn more on Growth Hacking from our recent interview with Sam Hurley.
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Our Top Queries

Is my idea safe in your hands?

To keep the ideas safe we have implemented measures to protect them. All you need is to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. We help encrypt your data and store in cloud with secured access.

How much an app will cost?

It’s better to have a discussion before starting anything good. What about a 30 minute of free consultation?

Why startups come to Innofied?

Startups are about growth and we love to grow. In this past few years, we are pulling ideas together for notable startups along with a few mentors to and have helped to build some of the best engaging solutions in the world.

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