How our delivery solutions are transforming the cannabis industry

The cannabis industry is at the heart of digital transformation and convergence. It needs investment in customer-facing, cloud-based digital solutions and creating unique new ecosystems for covering a wide array of customer requirements. Considering these requirements, we have come up with innovative digital solutions disrupting the cannabis delivery industry. Our smart solutions provide the following:

  • Online order and inventory management
  • Optimized delivery routes and live tracking
  • Compliance reporting and integration
  • Secure payment processing and data privacy
  • Age verification and compliance

Segments we serve


Cutting-edge solution speeds up services automating e-commerce/ retail operations

Supply Chain Management

New-age cannabis delivery system keeps track of inventory & provides alerts on time

Delivery Management

Robust delivery system tracks each delivery, provides real-time reports and analytics

Our capabilities in cannabis delivery

As a leading cannabis delivery software company, we possess advanced capabilities in developing robust and user-friendly software solutions that streamline the entire delivery process.

Automated order management

Advanced and AI-driven cannabis order management system reduces time and manual error. This system enables the customers to make orders instantly. It improves overall customer experience

Robust distribution management with integrations

All distribution operations, from delivery to invoice generation, get streamlined and integrated with other vital business systems and payment gateways. It boosts operational efficiency

Delivery transport management

Delivery routes get optimized, delivery vehicles get monitored and maintained on a regular basis. It helps cannabis businesses keep their fleets ready to deliver all orders on time

Optimized route planning

AI-powered route planning and optimization features provide numerous benefits, including:

  • Best-optimized route suggestions for faster delivery
  • Prediction of traffic and road conditions beforehand
  • Maximum ROI per delivery person
  • Better customer experience 

Continuous delivery fleet maintenance

Every cannabis delivery business should check the condition of delivery fleets regularly. With the help of predictive maintenance features, our delivery solution:

  • Provides pre-plan fleet maintenance
  • Reduces operational expenditure
  • Ensures the safety of delivery persons

AI-based enhanced customer experience

New-age consumers expect smarter replies immediately after asking for support. Our digital delivery solution, powered by conversational AI, can make this possible for you. It can help you with:

  • Instant customer assistance
  • Order management
  • On-road assistance for faster delivery
  • Regular reminders

Five stars all the way! The team met all expectations and delivered the project on time. The delivery system they provided is simple to use and gives me live updates and the whereabouts of my agents and orders.

Sean Davis,

Founder & CEO, Booka, South Africa

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  • Brandon Davis

    CEO, Serve

  • Swarnendu De

    Co-founder, AllRide Apps

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