Innofied @ Google Developers Group Kolkata DevFest 2015

A large GDG Fest just took place in Kolkata last week on 29th November at The Stadel. And Innofieders were a part of this 7 hours long Meetup. Yup! a great experience indeed.

GDG – Google Developers Group are a large community who run events across the globe offering speaker sessions on multiple Google products. One gets to be a part of all day long hackathons to code labs learning about products like Android, App Engine, Google Chrome to API products such as Maps API, YouTube API and Google Calendar API. In 2015, the official DevFest Season ran from September 01st through November 30th.

The GDG Fests are inspirational to Google enthusiasts as it uniquely tailors the needs of the developers community that hosts it. You will find no two events that will be exact since they are the powerhouse of shared beliefs. You get to see amazing things happen when various developers come together to exchange ideas.

Innofieders Who Participated in GDG Fest


Innofieders Subhajit, Pritam and Sourav took part in the biggest Google tech conference in Kolkata.


Speakers Session

Kolkata on Entrepreneurship (10:30 AM – 11:30 AM) by Ravi Ranjan of NASSCOM

  • Discussed on the NASSCOM 10k Startup Initiative
  • The qualities an entrepreneur must have
  • He brief on 4 key FFFF (FFFF- Founder, Friends, Family, FOOL) features to make a successful startup
  • Gave details about funding for the startups

FireBase + Angular.js (11.45 AM – 1.30 PM) by Suvankar Bose

  • Explained about AngularJS and firebase
  • Gave a live example

Lunch Break (1.30PM – 2.00PM)

  • The food was awesome 😀

IOT (2.00PM – 3.30 PM) by Abhishek Nandy

  • Discussed the details about Digital India Program by the Govt. of India and supported by IIM Ahmedabad
  • Discussed about Windows 10, IoT Core, LEAP Motion, Raspberry Pi 2, Intel Edison board
  • Presented a Live example of Virtual reality using Real Sense Technology

Coffee Break (3.30 PM – 3.45PM)

  • Meet with others and discussed about Technology

Google Cloud Platform (3.45PM – 4.30 PM) by Suvankar Bose

  • Demonstrated live example of Google Cloud Platform, Google Cloud Messaging and Google Compute Engine by making a demo website.

Innofied is proud to be a part of GDG Kolkata DevFest 2015!

Moumita Dasgupta

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