Innofied Attended Great Indian Developers Summit (GIDS), 2016

Web and mobile development visionaries are something that is not constant, it’s ever-changing and it gets even better every day.  27th April 2016 at GIDS, web & mobile developers got the scope to brew some new ideas that are even more hot. HTML5, UI/UX, JavaScript, Responsive Web Design, Mobile UX, Native Apps, IOS, Android, they covered it all!

Yes, to celebrate business models using web and mobile, top-notch speakers shared their ideas at GIDS, Bangalore this year. Our JS developers from Innofied went for the event to augment new web & mobile techniques.

GIDS, a four-day long summit on Cloud, Analytics, Dynamic Language, Web & Mobile, Java and Dot Net began on 26th April and rolled till April 30. GIDS is the largest and significant developer event in South Asia global demographic shifts in software development. It was truly a privilege for Innofied to take part in it.

Innofied at GIDS

Innofieders Subhajit, Sourav, and Arijit at GIDS 2016.

Speaker Session

We are not scientist; We are not engineers; We are story tellers (9:00 AM -10:00 AM) – by Scott Davis

  • It was a mind-blowing curtain raiser of the day. An amazing speaker and a mind blogging motivational session for one hour.

Technology vs creative; Is creativity essential for technologist? (10:00 AM- 10:15 AM) – by Raman Mehta

  • A follow-up session on technology, the prelim before developers starts augmenting new Java ideas.

Visiting the Expo (10:15 AM- 10:45 AM)

  • Taking a walk around of the summit and branching and networking a little.

Session 1 (10:45 AM – 11:45 AM)

  • Future of web and mobile
  • Architecting modern application for web scale
  • Redux: functional programming for the web
  • MBaas and more
  • Dockers for ASP.Net Developers
  • Leaner and faster web application using ASP.Net

image 2 (3)

Session 2 (11:55 AM- 12:55 PM)

  • Securing your Front and Back Applications with Keycloak
  • Connecting AngularJS to Agnostic Microservices
  • Ajax without JavaScript
  • Web Apps with AngularJS
  • 9 3/4 Ways Zoho’s aPaas Lets Developers Focus on the Juicy 20%

Lunch and Networking (12:55 PM – 14:00 PM)

The food was awesome and networking simply rocked!

Session 3 (15:10 PM – 16:10 PM)

  • My Favorite Web App Technology Stack
  • Build Web and Mobile Apps Powered by the Cloud with App Services
  • Universal Application Development for Windows
  • Building Scalable Backend with Go
  • Writing Concurrent Programs with Ease using Golang
  • Integration for Web & JavaScript Projects
  • Testing in Grails

image 3 (1)

Session 4 (16:30 PM- 17:30 PM)

  • JavaScript Patterns Revisited
  • N1QL: SQL for JSON
  • TBD
  • Promises and Deferred Objects in jQuery
  • Hands on with Angular 2 – once more a rave discussion with Scott Davis
  • ES12015: Using Tomorrow’s JavaScript Today

Innofieders had a great time at GIDS 2016!





Swarnendu De

Swarnendu is the Co-founder and Lead architect at Innofied. For the last seven years, he has been working with numerous JavaScript technologies including Backbone.js, Node.js, ExtJS, Sencha, and so on, and has developed more than 50 complex JavaScript-based applications thus far. He is the author of the book Backbone.js Patterns and Best Practices. Swarnendu regularly writes at his personal blog, Innofied Blog, the Tuts+ network, and provides support and assistance for JavaScript, Sencha and much more around the web. You can reach him through his website at or via Twitter at @swarnendude

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