Innofied Attended NASSCOM Workshop on Branding and Design for Business Growth

Innofied was proud to be a part of a comprehensive workshop on Branding and Design for Business Growth organized by NASSCOM East. The event took off on Friday, Jan 15 at NASSCOM Startup Warehouse in Kolkata. With branding and design being the two bandwagons for business success, attending such workshops acts like a booster.

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The Workshop

The workshop commenced at 2:45 PM and was attended by a group of 35+ experts and design honchos of the industry.

Speaker at the session was Srish Agrawal, Founder & CEO of A1 Future Technologies. He is an avid speaker, mentor, and entrepreneur. Quite clearly the session was outlined by him and he started off with a light note on design concepts of today and tomorrow.

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Overview of the Discussions

Srish began with the concept of what makes a design. And was right enough to highlight the three key areas namely – typography, images, and colors. There were a few screenshots of brand logos such as AirBNB, FitBit, Apple and Twitter to show their evaluation and how their logos speak brands. He was simple enough to explain what does ‘a good design’ mean by presenting some of the cool comparisons with various brand logos.

And the discussion continued on the fact that brand is beyond design and quickly wrapped some great steps to make brands stand out in the crowd. He clearly highlighted the essential elements to make a strong brand – purpose, consistency, flexibility, loyalty, emotion, employee involvement, & competitive awareness.

He was pretty clear that to start a design you have to be clear about the kind of service and product you are going to provide, what purpose the design should serve and who are your target audience. Srish pointed out that analyzing your competitors is an essential part of our design strategy and checked out the current market trends along.

After the ravishing design enthusiast session, we had a short tea break. We soon joined Srish and other experts of the industry to take up an activity on assessing our respective companies on the basis of 5 signposts –

  • Product/ Service
  • Customer Segment
  • Value Proposition
  • Relationship Knot
  • Sales Channel

The evaluation sheet was to be judged by three or more people from same industry based on the above points. It was a toast for Innofied to get some rave reviews. Check out a snap of the review –

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Srish Agrawal was felicitated by NASSCOM East Regional Head Nirupam Chaudhari. This year NASSCOM workshop ended with a great note and good lessons on design and branding for entrepreneurs across Kolkata.

Moumita Dasgupta

Content Marketing Expert at Innofied has a strong interest in growth hacking. Moumita is having 6 years of industry experience and helps to optimize and promote B2B/B2C businesses with latest content trends. She keeps her circle updated with the latest content feeds from Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook etc. When she is not blogging or digging out content marketing tactics, she is found relaxing with her Kindle over a cup of coffee.