Innofied Is A Proud Part of the Best Elder Care Service – Tribeca Care

India is the second most in terms of elderly population and raising concerns when it comes to addressing the health issues of the senior citizens. Along with this, the poor infrastructure and nursing services add more pains. The pain doubles if the elders don’t have anyone to take care of them. The rapid urbanization has led many elderly people to stay away from their working kids. There is hardly anyone to take them to doctors, get access to various medical assistances, or opt for a physio exercise.

To improve the health care, elder care, and home care in India, Tamojit Dutta along with Prateep Sen, Elina Dutta, and Shibaji Saha,  founded Tribeca Care, an online elderly care service at Kolkata in the year 2013.


Innofied Walks With One of The Growing Elderly Care Services in Kolkata

If we look at the elder care services in India, we will find that the challenges and opportunities are immense. But the investment in the industry is the least.

Market research by US Medical Associations, shows a minimum investment of USD 450 billion in elder care… Click To Tweet

But in India, the elder care mapping is a bit different and neglected. It is still in its nascent stage at USD 4 billion and grows by 20 percent per year. However, we are relying on the upcoming private sectors who are willing to give a good shape to this sector in India.

Amidst all, Tribeca Care is one such rising name. Good thing is, Innofied Solution got an opportunity to join their exclusive journey to make elder care services reach every doorstep. Innofied helped Tribeca Care gain online visibility and make elderly care easily accessible from anywhere in the world.


The Story Behind

Tribeca Care enables employment opportunities to more than 300 care workers, professionals, and support staff. The platform has also tied up with reputed doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, nurses, and general attendants. To leverage all kind of medical help, they finally chose the online platform to reach out to the elderly customers.

They had such a good health care set up. A vast chain of professionals has been working for Tribeca since inception. But they hardly invested in something to make their business visible.

Prior to everything, they planned for just a simple website. But when our BA team spoke about tapping mobile millennials, they started giving a thought to it. Moreover, their hardcore competitors like Portea Medical, Medwell are already into it.

As app-driven business is going to make you stick to the ground and reap more revenues, Tribeca bent on having an Android App, besides a website just like their other competitors. That’s how the journey of Innofied and Tribeca Care began on 2016.

Now wherever the relatives might be, they can take care of their elders with a few tap on the Tribeca Care app or browse from the number of health care options on Tribeca Care website. They offer affordable and personalized care to patients in the comfort of their own home, facilitating faster recovery.

Innofied is proud and happy to work with Tribeca Care, Eastern India’s first comprehensive elder care online health portal and professional home care service provider for senior citizens and aged people.


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