Innofied Showcases Privy App at Mobile 10X’s ‘Hack-for-India’ Hackathon

Mobile 10X (an IAMAI initiative) invited developers from 12 cities in India this year to participate in an engaging mobile hackathon. Although the event took place in various cities through past two weeks, in Kolkata it was organized from 27th February to 28th february at Elgin Chambers.

Five major cities that participated in the Kolkata Edition were Mumbai, Chennai, Lucknow, Jaipur and Kolkata.

The theme of the hackathon was to build  an app that can solve day to day public issues at a larger scale.


Privy- The Restroom Finder

A team four from Innofied participated at this event and developed, Privy – The Restroom Finder app. It is a unique app built to help users locate public toilets and washrooms in a specific location.

Our team concentrated on building it into a  crowdsourced app, so that users across all destinations can add washroom of their choice. Further they can add review, rate and downvote them, to help other users.

Privy will allow users to point out areas that lack in public toilets. This makes it a government-friendly app. Since it can help governing bodies know about the lack in public services at a particular location using real-time data.

Privy is surely going to make it big in this Hackathon!

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Arijit Sarkar

Arijit the guy-next-door is a software engineer at Innofied. He definitely loves coding and enjoys his daily meetup with Java, JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, Mongoose, C, etc. But what keeps him fresh and alive is music, friends, online chatting and a game of football.