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  • Flutter App Development – Everything You Need To Know!

    Flutter app development has become very popular. Its entry 3-years back has completely changed the paradigm of cross-platform app development.  Flutter was launched in 2017 and the first stable version 1.7 was made available in May 2019. The new, upgraded Flutter 1.20 was released in August 2020 with lots of improvements, plugging lots of lacunae […]

  • On-Demand Plumber App Development: Complete Guide

    A leaky cistern, choking drain, or stoppage of the jet spray is a pain in the neck. The pain becomes more intense when such happens at odd hours. Due to such reasons, users search for plumbing services on the internet or Uber-like on-demand plumber apps.  If you are a plumbing business looking for success and […]

  • Struggling To Form An Efficient Software Development Team? Follow The Best Practices

    Elevating a business without the support of an efficient software development team is a herculean task. Science has blessed this digital era with software that eases manual labor. However, to run AI-powered software, the contribution of skilled engineers cannot be ignored. There is no change when an individual grows, but it makes a difference when […]

  • Everything You Need To Know About Fitness App Development

    Technology has brought the world right to our fingertips. We can order everything – from staples to garments to groceries – sitting at our home and getting it delivered to our doorstep. Physical exercise is something that people still like to go outside. But with the ever-growing rise in fitness app development, that is revolutionizing […]

  • How To Implement In-App Route Planner Technology?

    In today’s world, technology speaks the last word. Without the support of applications, you cannot act smart to initiate a smooth day. An in-app route planner is an application-based technology that connects your destination to your recent location. Several companies design route planning apps, but only a few come up with an interesting outcome. People […]

  • A Comprehensive Guide On P2P Payment App Development

    The Digital revolution has successfully touched almost all aspects of our lives, so how come something as essential as money gets left out? Consumer money evolved its form over the years, transitioning from paper notes and coins to plastic cash (bank cards) and further to digital wallets. The peer-to-peer money transfer app is the latest […]

  • Ban On Chinese Apps And Its Impact On The Indian Startup Ecosystem

    In the backdrop of the current stand-off between Indian and Chinese troops along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh, the Government of India bans Chinese apps as a security measure against data theft. Internet Service Providers were asked to block an all total of 59 mobile apps of Chinese origin with effect from […]

  • Wondering How To Measure App Success? Focus More On Real-Time Features

    As a developer and owner of any app, you might often wonder the most staggering question – how to measure app success once it is up and running. And most importantly, which features of my app are doing the good work they are intended for? In the following article, you will find out the answer […]

  • How To Promote Your App With Tumblr And Reddit Marketing Strategies?

    When it comes to app promotion, platforms like Reddit and Tumblr are not the names that immediately come to the mind. Granted, they are not the traditional social media platforms used by businesses for promotion. For instance, smart entrepreneurs are now promoting their apps through Tumblr and Reddit marketing strategies and making it big in […]

  • Pinterest App Promotion: 5 Tips And Tricks To Follow

    A lot of people underestimate Pinterest as a website and refuse to believe that it can contribute much to business promotions. It is a false notion. Pinterest app promotion can do wonders if utilized judiciously and effectively. Being basically a search engine, Pinterest can do wonders for you and your business app if you are […]

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