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Talk, control and manage smart devices centrally with Innofied- Ranked as top Internet of Things IoT app development company. We believe in a connected era.

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Building A Smart Connect Between People & Machines with Internet Of Things Development

We believe in the growth potential of Internet of Things IoT app development which makes everything connectable. With smart devices taking your homes, workplaces, and industries like healthcare and agriculture- we aim to create a network of IoT devices which will talk to each other and can be controlled over a mobile app. If you choose the professional approach, you can create a revolution in your industry with the top IoT app development company- Innofied.

internet of things iot app development company

Interconnected Devices

All your internet devices will be connected in real-time. Access to every possible data from one place.

internet of things iot app development company

Manage Centrally

A central console to manage and control your environment with IoT enabled devices and a mobile app.

internet of things iot app development company

Predict Information

As you access data beforehand, predict information and take safe actions accordingly.

Developing Hottest IoT Applications for Every Industry - Startups & Enterprises

IoT Healthcare Software Solution

Reduce operational costs, improve patient outcomes and bring real-time visibility into patient records, diagnostics data and inventory with Internet of Things IoT Healthcare solution with Innofied. Connect patients, physicians, caregivers, hospitals, devices and other things. Remote patient monitoring got easy and efficient with our custozmied IoT healhcare solution. Transform the way how doctors, patient and administration can communicate for a better health output.

Smart hospitals | HIPAA-compliance | Remote Monitoring | Connected Wearables

Smart Wearable App Development

Smart glasses or the small watches, we take you to an unmatched wearable app development experience. Be it healthcare, fitness or entertainment, get hands on expertise with the top wearable app development services. Create wearable app and give wings to your idea working with remarkable team of experts on various industries. Whether you're a startup or big enterprise, take teh next step to connect with your customers with wearable app development.

Wearable Healthcare apps | Wearable augmented Reality | Wearables for Entertainment & Games | iOS & Android

IoT Automotive Applications

Connected car & vehicle engineering is one of the major forte of Innofied. We have devised the best transportation IoT solution that can track vehicles in real-time, control lighting, is scalable and can maintain thousands of vehicles simultaneously. We as a top IoT app development company believe in cretaing masterprice IoT solutions that let you gain control in your business. Take advantage of an intelligent system that prevents excess speed, collison, misdirection and improves transport.

Optimized logistics | Driver safety systems | Real-time fleet management | Connected car systems

Internet of Things Retail

IoT solutions for Retails comes with numerous benefits like Reduced theft, improved store operations, precise inventory management and a better customer experience- leading to better revenues. To make this a reality, we have built an end-to-end Internet of things solution for retail enable physical retails compete strongly against their online counterparts. We take pride to be top IoT app development company solving retail issues globaly.

Retail supply chain solution | Smart inventory tracking & management | warehouse automation | Point-to-point delivery

Internet Of Things Energy

Rethink energy management with Internet of things. Take a smarter approach to manage your home, asset, performance and billing with Internet of Things energy. We aim to eliminate human inaccuracies to make management cost effective. Now control, connect and manage complex grids with a network of connected devices and sustain consistent energy. We as the top IoT app development company can understand yoru requirement and create an outstanding end result.

IoT energy management | Smart home software | iOS, Android home automation app | IoT based Energy Monitoring and Control products

IoT Solutions For Agriculture

Smart farming is all about growing capital-intensive clean food which is sustainable. To implement that, we have devised an IoT solutions for agriculture, a sensor based system that tracks light, humidity, soil moisture, temperature and soil quality to automate the irrigation system. Now monitor your field from anywhere efficiently, compared to conventional approach with smart agriculture Internet of Things. We can help you create a customiable solution for a smart farming need. The best IoT internet of things application development is at yoru servcie.

Agricultural drones | Smart farming | Smart Greenhouses | Monitor Livestock

How We Transform your Idea using IoT App Development

IoT possibilities are endless. Smart homes and fit bands are just the beginning. We aim to embrace every new IoT idea that makes devices communicate and make our lives easier. And we do it in finesse. Here’s our IoT app development method.

internet of things iot app development company

Identify & Define The problem

internet of things iot app development company

Devise Solution

internet of things iot app development company

Hardware Selection

internet of things iot app development company

Build Platform

internet of things iot app development company

Test Implement

internet of things iot app development company

Support & Improve

Our IoT Technology Stack - And This is How We Do it!

The bunch of geeky developers we have are our pillars- who are always ready to learn new technology. We make IoT apps with the industry-leading tech stack. No wonder we are the top IoT mobile application development company.

Data Analytics

  • Data process and analytics
  • BigDATA
  • Machine Learning

Web Services

  • RestFul Service
  • OAuth Authorization Service
  • SOAP ServiceThing API

Cloud Platforms

  • AWS
  • Windows Azure
  • Google Cloud

Driving Forces of IoT

  • Miniature Boards
  • Sensor
  • Power Connectivity
  • Cloud Sync

Supported Protocols

  • TCP
  • CoAP
  • MQTT
  • RestFul Service


  • OpenIoT
  • HomeKit
  • Thread
  • Nest

Our IOT App Portfolio

The best IoT app development company in town that speaks for its expertise, quality and ‘Designs

Awards And Media

  • Award of Product Excellence under Technology Category in 2017

  • SME National Award of Excellence 2017

  • Award of Excellence for Mobile App Development in 2016 & 2017

  • 2017's Top App Developers in India & Global

  • IT East Award of Excellence in 2017

Hear It Straight From Our IOT App Development Clients

I put my team up against any other team of developers in the Bay.

Jay Sales, Co-Leader, The Level App

Innofied team was professional, competent, responsive, and dedicated. We had a very aggressive and rigid timeline, but Innofied was able to deliver on time. Their dedication and professionalism resulted in a high-quality app, so I put them ahead of any other team in the Bay.

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Innofied took the coldness out of the tech world for me.

Christina Cavage, Owner, Bella Lingua LLC

They were easy to collaborate with, and their creative suggestions added key features to the app. They’re highly responsive and professional, and were willing to educate internal teams on their process. They’re a hard-working team focused on quality and relationships.

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I'm very happy & delighted with the experience.

Tim Gilbertson, CEO of Mee-Doo

They’re not only quick to deliver but also helpful, responsive, and incredibly accommodating to a traveling schedule with shifting time differences. Their work is affordable and they’re a very talented and organized team.

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  • Jay SalesCo-Leader, The Level App
  • Christina CavageOwner, Bella Lingua LLC
  • Tim GilbertsonCEO of Mee-Doo

Innofied helped Cordial raise $9 million valuation and yet growing over 400% than year 2015.

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