IoT – Internet of Things

It’s Not Internet of Things, But Internet of Everything

Stuck in a traffic, getting late for your business meet that is going to begin in 30 minutes. If your car has access to a Calendar, it can sync and notify the concerned persons that you will be late. Something automatic, instant and occurring real-time. How that happened, how in a gusto people were informed, what devices connects the car and the technology inside the office?


Nothing, but a digital system that keeps busy to harness data and analyze the same in real time. Next-gen technological development poised to turn internet more than just a virtual space. We call it IoT. Internet of Things is finally out of its box. Technologies like Tagging, Bluetooth Connectivity, iBeacons, and Near-Field Communications are bunch of IoT technologies that allow online representations of objects existing in the “real world.”

Be Everywhere with IoT

Stay Connected, Stay Smart!

Industries We Serve


IoT allows countless devices in the power grid to share information in real time & efficiently distribute power. Business, utility services & homeowners can manage connected things to consume less energy.


IoT is ready to transform the way we monitor paitient, personalize treatment, improve outcomes and lower healthcare cost. Wearable devices tied knot with IoT to visualize medical data better.


Today consumers prefer to have digital experiences in their cars to align with other smart gadgets they have. IoT is for them as it turns into actionable insights both inside and outside the car.


Product engineers are tapping the potential of huge amount of data from equipment and suppliers. With the ability to analyze data from every value chain will grow efficiency and reduce cost to company.

Harness the Large Business Potential with IoT

Great Customer Experience

Capture bright insight with connected objects, understand your customer and analyze market trends better.

Secured Communication

Securely receive or send data to devices. We use MQTT with TLS to secure all type of communication between your devices and our services.

Generate Revenue Flow

Connected ecosystem will offer comprehensive intelligence to build new services and generate more revenue.

Optimize Business

Consolidate your business lines and functions regardless of the location. Monitor business productivity with a gusto.

Reduction in Time and Cost

As data flow seamlessly between devices and people, it cut millions of expenses and boost efficiency, empowering employees to do more with less.

Efficient Data Storage

Get access to real-time data from your devices, and store data of your choice for a time. You also get access to historical and real-time data as well.

Why Choose Innofied?

Best Industry Practices

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Smart Solutions

Reduce risks involved to develop smart, connected devices, products and applications by 90%

Reduce Overhead Cost

Reduce overhead cost by 80% working with us and add more business efficiency

Valuable Digital Experiences

We make valuable digital experiences converting data to business insights for meaningful action

Why Hire Innofied?

Smart solution and connectivity is what you vouch for to transform your business? Upgrade to IoT! Look for data experts, consulting, development and strategic IoT Solutions with us.

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