IPL 2016 – Innofied Premier League (Chuckle!!)


Cricket is almost a religion in India – the game that unites our Nation irrespective of caste and creed.

The cricket season is once more in full swing. And like all Indian we all are also waiting for a mind blowing cricket season and stir of entertainment. To charge we organized IPL 2016 – Oops! its not Indian Premier League – its a.k.a Innofied Premier League.

Yes, cricket, fun and lip-smacking gastronomies – that was all, to raise the perfect toast on Sunday 21st Feb, 2015 at our IPL 2016.

We had our match at our very own Kolkata Maidan. Amidst the lush green and sport-freaks all around, we started our match at 3 PM.


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The Great Day

The match was between the two teams Switch Case Hitters and Do While Loopers. (Sounds a little ‘Codesy’, it will after all we are all Coders). The team captains were Sajib Ghosh and Dhiraj Singh respectively. A three match series with 10 overs each and we had 8 players in each team. Two great teams with cricket-frenzy members, and guess what – we’re just not Bowlers or Batsman – we are All Rounders!

The toss was won by Switch Case Hitters once and two times by Do While Loopers. Umpire for the day was none other than Sandip Saha (he who knows the best way to manage the Team Innofied). And Swarnendu De was playing for Do While Loopers (that added some extra spirit in the team).

Do While Loopers won the match for 2-1. There was a huge roar in the ground when the last ball was hit. The match ended at 6:30 PM. We wished to continue for a little longer but due to lack of lights we called the day off.

Sandip Saha and Swarnendu De, congratulated all the players who participated in the match and urged them to take up fitness regime on a regular basis.

A grand treat at Arsalaan was the perfect way to end the day.

Innofied Premier League Rocked!

We will be playing the next year, with more preparation, more gears and more teams – till then hold on for IPL 2017 (Chuckle)!


Innofied Premier League

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