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We are a Laravel web application development company with experts in this field with years of experience, offering a wide range of solutions.

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With more than 20 projects delivered with Laravel technology, our team of expert Laravel rockstars will work diligently to deliver your dream project with full assurance of customer satisfaction. Hire our expert Laravel developers, we promise you won't regret!

100% product security assurance

Your project is fully safe with us. We guarantee full non-disclosure agreements with clients and you are the sole proprietor of your IP. In addition, we take advanced measures to structure and secure your App.

We are dead serious about deadlines

Delivering your project on time is our top priority and we promise to take care of time and while maintaining standard quality. We will keep you updated with the progress until the end. Look no further if you need a Laravel web application development company.

We work with the latest Laravel version

At Innofied, we keep ourselves updated with the latest version of technology and nothing short of the best. As one of the top Laravel web application development company, we use the best stack of techs, to give you the full benefits of Laravel development services.

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Why You Should Choose Laravel Framework!

Brilliant and unparalleled performance

When it comes to web app development, Laravel remains unmatched in terms of efficiency and functionality. Boost your web app’s performance with the best PHP framework preferred by developers across the world. Anyone opting for Laravel development services knows the benefits of this framework over others.

Hassle free and smooth migration

Easily pair your existing database with Laravel without going through the trouble of recreating it. This allows the developer to maintain the information in proper seeds, making the required changes in a shorter period of time. Undoing or adding features can now be done seamlessly.

Strong, unbreakable security

Top notch security is guaranteed with Laravel development. Shield your product from any kind of threat like cross-site request forgery, SQL injection, and more. Laravel has a secure codebase which uses a hashed and salted password system that strongly safeguards the software against any malware attacks.

Automated testing

Testing is an absolute necessity for the successful launch of your app. In order to make the software free from bugs and other technical issues, developers need to run the code through phases of testing. However, with Laravel web application development this stage has been automated. This allows zero room for error and ensures an issue free, high performing product in a shorter time.

Creative customization with pre-built templates

Integrate any design of your choice with this feature! Laravel comes with advantages like templates and design packages, making it easier for the developer to work with this framework. Third party plugin solutions can be easily integrated using these tools, thus meeting any business requirements with ease. Integrations are not just made easier, but faster.


Due to various factors like it being an open source technology, reduced time in testing and fewer maintenance requirements, the overall expenditure is reduced. Laravel being the best performing PHP framework, delivers products with promising ROI.

Laravel Development Services - So Much We Can Do!

Laravel web Application design and development

Create powerful web applications with the most preferred framework among developers. Our team of dedicated experts will help you develop web apps with stunning interactions and seamless user experience.

Third-party plugins

Integrating third party applications functionalities can improve the user experience drastically. We use a simple coding syntax which allows us to upgrade the client’s portal effortlessly. Hire our expert Laravel developers for easy installation of this feature.

Migration solutions and service

Migration between Laravel platforms has never been this easy! Hire Laravel developers with years of expertise who will ensure an uninterrupted, error-free transition. Boost your business by upgrading to the latest Laravel version.

Laravel support and maintenance

Change is the only constant, and this is especially true for applications. Your app needs to be maintained and updated to keep up with the needs of the user. Our highly responsive team of Laravel developers are always ready with a solution to your web app based needs!

Laravel eCommerce solutions

Our wide range of services includes eCommerce solutions to help you grow your business like never before! Create shopping carts, template files, and more from our Laravel development services. Hire our expert Laravel developers to boost your business.

Laravel cloud development

Want a simple hosting system for your project that is affordable, fast, and reliable? Laravel cloud development is the right choice for you! Manage and view your data from any location with you use this service.

Laravel Best Practices We Follow At Innofied


Better debugging with Laravel debugbar

Laravel has its own debugging component. Nonetheless, it is always a good practice to make use of Laravel Debugbar since they will give a plethora of good information for the optimization of the application with the help of a Service Provider in order to register the debugbar and attach the output to it.

You also have the option of using the testing and debugging tool Laravel Dusk. It is a browser, which is perfect for API and browser testing applications. Although by default it uses ChromeDriver, you may use any driver compatible with Selenium.


Extract data with Eloquent ORM

This is a Laravel feature that allows ActiveRecord implementation so that you can work with your database. It is strongly suggested that while working with Eloquent ORM, take care of your model’s naming convention. Each database table has a model in Eloquent ORM. These models, in turn, perform numerous operations by interacting with the database. It works on a certain principle - Laravel expects a model named User for a table named users. It is crucial to follow this convention to avoid any problems related to Eloquent.


Avoid Accessors, Mutators & Query Scopes

No matter what the Laravel application is, its performance will depend on the code, rather than the engine. It is crucial that one averts the dynamic nature of code as the performance of the compiler has to be optimized.


Use Of Autoload

Any class or plain PHP code may be used in Laravel. This is true only when it can be autoloaded. This enhances the performance of the scripts as PHP is prevented from checking the condition of the file; if it has been loaded or not. Also, the file need not be included whenever it is needed in the code. When and if it is needed, PHP will let you know.


Choose The Right Database

Several databases are supported by eloquent, which eliminates the need to limit yourself to MySQL. mongoDB is to be used for records with highly variable attributes. For high volume data search and indexing, use ElasticSearch and Neo 4J for applications with a requirement of complex relationships between models. It is a very important best practice to use the right database as it generally pays amazing dividends for your apps.


Storing Relationships in Variables

Relationship calls must be cut down as far as possible. Say, for example, $user->posts; is called five times in the code. The end result will be a huge number of database calls that is redundant. Ultimately this will reduce the speed of the application. The correct way to address this issue is to store the result of the call in a variable such as $posts = $user->posts; and then use $posts in the code.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Laravel suitable for my business web application development?

Of all PHP frameworks, Laravel comes with the best customization options and allows one to write syntax in a simple manner. Due to lower development costs and stronger security, Laravel is undoubtedly the preferred choice for business web application development.

2. How do I hire a Laravel developer or Laravel web application development company?

If you are looking for Laravel development service, you need to make sure that the developer has strong knowledge of PHP and can work with almost any PHP applications. The developers working on your projects should follow the best practices and have a solid knowledge of creating APIs and plugin development. Check portfolios or reviews; those Laravel web application development company should have strong feedbacks from reliable sources.

3. How will Innofied communicate with me after the project has been finalized?

Here at Innofied, we take customer concerns or complaints and provide solutions with utmost care. Once you hire us for your project, you can sit back and relax. Know how we help you communicate.

4. What is the project management system we follow

We follow a management system that benefits both client and service provider. Your project will go through certain steps we strictly follow at Innofied before it is delivered to you. Learn more about our project management system.

5. What are the other technologies Innofied provide?

We create mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Our web development services include frontend, backend, and JavaScript development. Our expertise also includes new techs like Game Development, Augmented Reality, and IoT - Internet of Things.

6. I do not have much technical knowledge, but have an idea. Would that be enough?

We have worked with several clients with minimal or zero ideas of technology, but brilliant ideas. Our team will help you transform your idea into reality after getting in touch with you.

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