Launch a Mobile App Development Startup With no Tech Background

Ever faced a situation where you want to build a website or an app for your idea, even when you completely lack coding experience? Don’t Worry !! You’re not the only one here !!

It’s not necessary that every tech startup has to be a developer. If you are an entrepreneur you have much more to do than just writing codes for your mobile app or website. You have many other things to deal such as product validation, marketing, retention, customer service, managing finance and accounting, etc when you launch a mobile app development company. There is no end to this list…!!

Actually, many tech founders eventually stop coding when their mobile app starts to gain traction. So there’s no reason for your to worry if you do not have any coding sense !! A lot of options are available to get your launch your mobile app development company.

Technology: A ‘helping-hand’ for your business

Today entrepreneurs are more focused on mobile-first approach rather than web-first approach. So if you’re from a non-tech background, don’t consider technology as “be-all and end-all” for your startup. Technology is only as an enabler while the main idea is Your Business. So you don’t necessarily have to know about coding when you are launching a mobile app development company.. So now let’s see what YOU can do if you have a mobile app idea but don’t know how to code.

  • Outsource or hire in-house developer: The primary question that comes to mind is whether to outsource or to build the product in-house. But there is also an option of combining the two alternatives when you start a mobile app development company.. You could possibly outsource the first version of your product and once have a market fit and validation for your mobile app idea, you can then hire in-house developer.
  • Learn Coding: It might not sound easy but you can keep it as a backup plan for your business. Frankly, it will soak most of your valuable hours, but learning these technical skills will let you start your business without anyone’s technical support. You could also refer to any of the online available websites to at least be able to learn the basic version of creating a mobile app.
  • Having Good Content: Writing good content for your website can also be very helpful for your business. You could start by constructing a blog of your own. Eventually, you could also look for contributing your blog for guest posting. Having interesting content will attract target users that help in quick conversion of leads for any mobile app development company.
  • Using App Builder: You could also create your own mobile app without anyone’s support with the available DIY devices and industry know-how. Here you are able to build an app without even knowing the basics of coding. Several app building tools such as Build fire, Como, etc. can broaden your web parameter of visibility to a mobile phone. One drawback: there is no option for customizing, you will have to work with the available patterns.
  • Research: You as a founder of a mobile app development company, should be able to explain to your developers what type of work you need from them. And so you being a technical geek or not, should do a brief research on HTML, Python, Java, iOS, PHP, etc. You must have a basic understanding of the programming languages to gain experience in this field. Finally, maintaining an excel sheet marking the acquired data and information.
  • Regular updates: Regular updates must be taken from the team of your mobile app development company, without fail. Arranging regular meetings with them to have a sheer knowledge on the progress. This will foster a healthy working space for your employees.

The Takeaway?? Just because you do not possess any technical knowledge doesn’t mean that you can’t build a successful mobile app for your business. Some of the actionable tactics and strategies outlined above, guides you right through the stage where you have a fantastic idea to the point where your mobile app goes live in the App Store and way beyond !!

So how are you planning to build a successful mobile app development company without writing a single line of code? Do share your insight in the comments below.

Moumita Dasgupta

Content Marketing Expert at Innofied has a strong interest in growth hacking. Moumita is having 6 years of industry experience and helps to optimize and promote B2B/B2C businesses with latest content trends. She keeps her circle updated with the latest content feeds from Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook etc. When she is not blogging or digging out content marketing tactics, she is found relaxing with her Kindle over a cup of coffee.