Life At Innofied

Work + Learn + Grow + Have Fun

Smiling Faces. Quality Work. Enjoyable Life.

A satisfied person always yields positive results. Here at Innofied, we believe in working freely, learning adaptively and growing exponentially. We try our utmost to make team members stress free because happy people deliver quality work. Our doors are always open for talented professionals who want to experience the unique work culture that our company offers.

Why join Innofied?

Parties, celebrations, trips and loads of fun.

Structured, onsite training on emerging technologies that are here to stay.

Quick recognition and awards. All projects come with bonuses and confirmed awards/ rewards. Do your job and celebrate your success!

Represent Innofied at prestigious conferences and seminars.

Quick career growth opportunities for those who perform.

Learn new technologies from the authors.

Appreciation for your innovation. Come up with your own app/game idea we will support you in building it.

Feel at home with ­flexible working hours.

If you are talented and have a flare for creativity, we would like for you to be a part of our team. Write to for more.

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