Mobile App Development or Mobile Website Development: What’s best for your business?

Is the future in the hands of Mobile App or a Mobile Website? What do you think is more suitable ? Both stink today and both are going to get much better in the future !!

Some people simply ignore the need of mobile app development for their business, they think a mobile website could be a solution to reach out to the mobile customers. Mobile websites never look good on devices, they are never perfect with UI and UX. Others believe that mobile apps have certain benefits that a mobile website will not be able to provide. Whom to believe? Who is right?

Everyone wants a responsive website that looks great on mobile. This is not really a tough job as you think, and moreover there aren’t any downsides to it !!

People are going to view your website on their mobile devices and you only need to support that. Now it’s very evident that a responsive website is required but do you also need a mobile app for your business? Is mobile app development better than mobile website development ?

Indeed, mobile websites are not enough to provide optimum level of productivity and engagement. On the other hand, mobile app development are very essential for businesses who want to stay ahead of the competition. But why mobile app are so necessary in today’s world?

  • Ability to work offline: The beauty of a mobile app development lies in the ability to work even in offline mode. Although, apps require internet connections to perform most of the tasks, they can still provide users with basic content and functionality in offline mode. Several apps can provide features like tax calculation, loan amount determination, etc. But these can also be achieved without any internet connection.
  • Versatile Designs: Even with technological advancements, mobile websites still have to depend on a lot of browsers to perform simple functions in web designing. Mobile apps, on the other hand do not have such restrictions. Mobile apps can be designed with elaborate functions without depending on browsers. When available in the form of apps, it provides innovative functions that helps users to perform a task better.
  • Utilise features on mobile devices: Mobile devices are packed with a variety of features like the GPS, navigation, drag and drop menu, bluetooth connectivity, retina ready option, camera etc. And when these are available in the form of apps, the user experiences becomes even more fun and interactive. The user efforts are also minimised when such features are available in app style. To add on, mobile website development can also use some features of a mobile device such as GPS, camera. Still, there are some technological limitations that does not allow mobile websites to provide all the features that a mobile app can bestow.
  • Enhances personalization: Mobile app enhances personalization through tailor-made communication to users based on their location, behavior and interests. Users have the option of setting their own preferences, based on which they receive customized content. Moreover, users are also able to get geographic content based on their location details which further boosts user experiences.
  • Faster performance: A perfectly designed mobile app can perform better and faster than a mobile website. All the app data are stored locally in a mobile device while websites store data in web servers. For this reason, data can be swiftly retrieved in mobile apps. Moving to the technical point of view, mobile website development use javascript code to perform actions. While mobile apps uses framework that can performs tasks five times faster than websites.
  • Increase Conversions: Mobile apps can be a great medium to push conversions down the funnel. With the content and utility, mobile app development are much more targeted in nature that makes it easier to tap specific users in the funnel. This is not the case in mobile websites. They target a larger audience altogether and so they cannot tap a definite set of users easily.

When it comes in deciding whether to build a well-designed app or a mobile website, the winner depends totally on your business goals and objectives. If you’re thinking of building an interactive learning game for kids, an app would be a better idea !! But if your goal is to provide mobile-friendly content targeting larger audience, creating a mobile website is a much better option. Sometimes, there are also cases, where the winner is a combination of both.

An online store can be a perfect example where visitors have the option of purchasing both through your website as well as your mobile app !! The best option is to incorporate both into your business strategy rather compromising on one or the other.

So what’s your take? Do you think a mobile app is better or a mobile website? Or is it the combination of both?

Trisha Jaiswal