Mobile App Development Trends And Predictions – What To Expect In 2019

Swarnendu De January 4, 2019

There’s An App For That!

If you are a smartphone user, you are most likely to be familiar with this phrase. Mobile applications have changed the way we use a particular service; for almost every category – you will find a solution in your smartphone.

  • Need a cab? Uber/Lyft is there to the rescue.
  • Can’t find a restaurant? Just open google maps.
  • Want to calm down those nerves after a long a day? Spotify will serve you.

And given the current mobile app development trends, it is safe to conclude that there will be more app-based solutions for our daily needs. As the number of people with access to the internet is increasing, so are the number of apps, and engineers who develop them. And no wonder why there are so many new mobile app development trends emerging.

Mobile Applications – The Now And The Future.

What is the reason behind this popularity? A tiny icon on your screen can open a world of new possibilities when you tap on it. There are many unimaginable ways apps are changing the world.


1.  Making Our Lives Faster

Gone are those days when one had to stand in long queues to pay electricity bills or buy a movie ticket. With an application at your fingertips, not only can you choose a convenient timing to watch a movie, but a seat of your liking. As unbelievable it may sound, now there are apps like Placer that lets you hire people to stand in the line for you to buy a movie ticket.

A number of wallets with incentives like coupons and cashbacks are allowing consumers to pay for a service without physical currency. Eliminating the need for cashiers and counters, people are this utilizing convenience from the comfort of their homes.

2. Making Our Lives Busier

With no limit to the options of entertainment, like social media, and video streaming apps, we are spending more time on our smartphones. According to cross-platform future in focus report, the average American spends about 2.51 hours a day on their smartphones.

It is not surprising that a common sight on buses, metros, social gatherings, and waiting rooms are of people glued to their screens and swiping away.

3. Bringing A Shift In The Business Transaction Process

Probably the most noteworthy change is the fact that physical stores are becoming obsolete. After the launch of and its subsequent success, the bookstores have suffered heavy losses.

The story of the music industry, clothing shops, and grocery stores are similar. Cassette and cd shops are virtually non-existent. Sites like Macy’s and JCPenney are responsible for the fact that 25% of people buy their clothes online.

Also, 76% of all US shoppers will make most of their holiday purchases on Amazon.

Top 12 Mobile App Development Trends That Will Dominate 2019

Therefore, If you own a business or a provide a service and want to make it accessible to more people, creating an app would be a smart investment. This is a promising field with the number of consumers increasing drastically.

But, it would be highly beneficial to understand to understand the market before making any investments. So, what are the top mobile app development trends which will rule in 2019?

1.  Augmented And Virtual Realities

Augmented reality is technology that uses existing surroundings to add details or images to it using sensors and digital projectors.

The number of users is expected to cross one billion by 2020, as the applications are many. Cosmetics and beauty industries use it to let customers try out a variety of hairstyles and makeup looks. Furniture giant IKEA is using it to allow buyers place furniture in their home before purchasing.

Virtual reality, on the other hand, is an artificial environment that takes the user into a different world, allowing them to choose where they go and see different things. Used predominantly in the gaming and movie industry, this has also seen applications in the military, healthcare, fashion, and education sector

2.  Smart Objects/Internet Of Things

To put a very complex idea simply, Internet of Things is a concept that allows everyday physical objects to be connected to the internet and being controlled by a smart device or phone.

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From healthcare, smart wearable devices, automotive, retail, agriculture, and energy IoT has a lot of useful applications. It is one of those most popular mobile app development trends that has already begun to show results.

3.  AI Or Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence or AI refers to a technology which equips machines or software to mimic human behavior and emotions. iPhone users are familiar with Siri, just like Android users with Google Assistant. This kind of technology is already in the mobile app development trends. It helps users not just with daily tasks, but allows people to kill boredom with their fun and witty answers. Often Siri or Cortana will answer with a witty or sarcastic comeback, which users appreciate.

A lot of business try to enhance customer care though bots and chat boxes. This allows employers to save money by not hiring human help agents and improves customer experience as bots take roughly a fraction of a second to reply.

4.  Cloud Integration

When Dr. Fujio Masuoka invented the memory card, little did the world know that unlimited storage was a possibility. Along with solving the space issue, storage apps are the answer to accessibility issue. Information of one account can be viewed through a number of devices.

Apart from individuals, big companies use cloud storage facilities to store huge data which cannot be physically stored for security and accessibility purposes. New mobile app development trends include cloud integration as an important consideration.

5.  E-wallets

The idea of digital currency has revolutionized consumer behavior in several ways. It has made purchasing more convenient and secure, for digital money is not easy to steal.

This being a competitive market allows users to choose from the ones with the best offers like cashbacks and e gifts. Business owners encourage customers to pay online with incentives like discounts and paybacks. With inbuilt notifications, reminders to pay bills keep people from ending up with late bill charges.

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On demand apps sometimes include more than one wallet in the payment gateway. Cashless payment has never been easier.

6.  Cryptocurrency

2018 was the year of Bitcoin, with all the media houses talking about it. But what is cryptocurrency? This is basically a virtual or digital currency which can be used as a medium of exchange.

Blockchain will play a huge role in the mobile app market as it allows easy digital information distribution.

With the use of blockchain, cryptocurrencies have unbeatable advantages like protection from fraud, easy payments, faster transfer, universal recognition, and accessibility to everyone. No wonder why Cryptocurrencies are ruling in the mobile app development trends.

7.  Wearable Tech

Wearable tech has now moved on from Fitbits and watches. Now, technology like running shoes with GPS tracking to help you walk the right direction are the new hots in the market. We are also loving swimAR, a special kind of Google that helps you see clearly in the water. Motiv ring, a finger ring that keeps track of your sleep activity and heart rate deserves special mention.

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With an expected market value of 51.60 billion by 3 years, the wearable app development trend is moving in the right direction with lots of potentials to do well.

8. On-demand Apps

Users are always in need immediate services and are also willing to pay for the best. That’s when an app comes to your rescue. This kind of service caters to your needs which you can access from the comfort of your home, office, or literally anywhere if you have an internet connection. On demand apps and their development is latest and probably most important mobile app development trend in the current market.


On-demand apps like cab services, food delivery, beauty services, grocery have flooded the market and the demand for these are exponentially rising. Millennials, who love their smartphones form the bulk of 22.4 million consumers who spend $57.6 billion annually.

9.  Security

Owning a smartphone comes with a list of pros and cons. Security risks definitely go to the con list. The internet is loaded with a plethora of malware with potential security infringement risks. From a spam email, links or messages, to even apps designed to steal information there is no telling what might attack your privacy.

The demand for this type of application is evident in scores of results that show up when you search “security” in the android app store. Some of the most popular ones include 360 security, virus cleaner, and super security. With just one click anti-malware apps start scanning for potential threats and eliminate them. So you can now understand why we have put security in the top 10 mobile app development trends.

10.  Beacon Technology

Beacon technology is there in the market quite a time now and we can safely assume 2019 is going be an important year for it to flourish. The beam of beacon is lighting up numerous sectors with their mystic rays in our smartphone apps. Not sure what beacon is? Let me tell you.

Beacon is basically a device which emits Bluetooth Low Energy a.k.a. BLE radio signals. The job is to wake up the analogous apps in your phone and respond to the action. It not only saves power which reduces down the battery consumption but makes sure the zilch set up is on top notch. There are other uses as well which can be easily customized to requirements.

11.  Chatbot

A chatbot works similar to AI; through instant messages by replicating human thought patterns and responses. These have multiple applications, but the way chatbots are transforming customer care in businesses is noteworthy.

Tracking orders, receiving complaints, answering FAQs, and addressing queries on product information are just to name a few. You can also order pizzas and get the latest news updates via these apps. In an age where machines are replacing humans, it is reasonable to conclude that more services will utilize chatbots.

12.  Accelerated Mobile Pages

No one has all day to load web pages, and a number of surveys suggest that netizens are likely to cancel loading if it takes a long time.

AMP or accelerated mobile pages was launched by Google to solve this problem. But what is AMP?

AMP is a project developed by Google and Twitter to make really, really fast mobile pages. It is nothing but a stripped down form of HTML, a.k.a diet HTML. The page is made to be super light that makes the loading speed real fast.

The complete idea of AMP is to get ‘pure speed’. The pages are designed to heavily cached by Google, which makes Google host your actual content right there on the pages. And this means the page data is not fetched from you, instead of from Google, within a fraction of seconds.

What’s Your Take on These Mobile App Development Trends?

As one of the largest growing sector with billions of users, it has growing demands given the recent trends in mobile application development. If you planning on making an investment, do not hesitate for the ROI in this field is promising.

Creating an app is quite the Herculean task, and we understand the trouble or stress involved in hiring a developer. But with developers who are experienced, awarded as the best, and trusted by 500+ satisfied customers, you can wipe off the sweat off your forehead. Here at Innofied, we offer a unique, yet simple solution for your app based needs.