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Node.js is a fairly new technology that has grown quickly since its inception. Built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript runtime, it allows you to develop fast and scalable network applications. Node.js is ideal for real time applications that involve huge data and run on multiple devices.


The technology is scalable and fast. It is also open source and comes with a cross-platform runtime environment. The modules available in Node.js help programmers develop real time API and create server-side and networking applications. It is also referred by many developers as a ‘proto server’, since it comes with a highly customizable server engine.

Advantages of Node.js

Server side Node.js works seamlessly with front end JavaScript framework

It is very fast as it follows asynchronous architecture and uses Google’s V8 engine which compiles JavaScript into native machine code and executes at a very high speed.

Node.js is quite reliable when it comes to building real time applications based on chat, messaging and games.

Node.js can easily handle the concurrent connections themselves.

The vast and highly reliable JavaScript community supports you.

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