Cordial – Automated Messaging Solution

Cordial takes care of repetitive tasks like segmentation, A/B testing and content iteration. Built on Backbone.js, Browserify, and Marionette.js, it tracks every customer action and automatically generate personalized messaging. It is intelligent enough to learn from customer responses and evolve messaging patterns accordingly.

  • Tripmate – Location Finder App

    Tripmate is an app created for Hotel Managers to manage tourists providing amenities at right time.

  • City Trans – Bus Booking App

    City Trans is a complete urban travel companion for users who have to commute daily in a bus. Innofied has designed the bus app to enhance user experience and make it easy to book seats, track buses and get real-time notifications in clear, bold interface….

  • Viapool – Corporate Bus Pool App

    Viapool is a bus pool app that simplifies corporate commute by helping users get to their workplace in the shortest possible time.

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