Inno Ride – The Best Cab App Solution

Inno Ride is a multi-platform cab booking app. It takes care of your current or advance booking. You can book your ride without selecting your destination. Ability to choose from 3 types of cab for your convenience. Payment can be done through paypal or cash. As you book your ride, you get the detail information of the driver along with the approx trip time and trip cost.

  • Fitness Wearable

    We helped VPS global, a top eye care business in the US create Level, a smart eye-wear with 50k+ downloads

  • InnnoStore : eCommerce App

    A complete feature, highly engaging and rich bug free white label eCommerce app your users will love!

  • Pocket Bookstore

    Bibliophiles are loving the seamless interactions of Bookmaniaz, our reading app!

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