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Multi Vendor Ecommerce Platform

A complete shopping experience here- Shopeko, your one-stop destination to buy your favorites. We created this ecommerce website using Magento 2.x to make the interface interactive and easy to use. Your search for books, jewellery, shoes, food, clothing, and gadgets will now be at your fingertips. We created a completely responsive multi vendor ecommerce platform for our client. 

  • Order & Inventory Management App

    GreenPly, our feature rich app is changing the way business transactions are conducted

  • Real Estate App

    Finding a property is a cakewalk with California Linx, built with advanced dynamic search features.

  • Corporate Bus Pool App

    Corporate commute is simplified with Viapool – An Easy-to-use, multi-platform corporate bus pool app for bus to help you get to your workplace in the shortest possible time.

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